Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a term used to describe any identification device that can be sensed at a distance with few problems of obstruction or mis-orientation. The devices are often refered to as 'RFID tags' or 'Smart Labels'.
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24 Aug 2023

RFID Market Update — 2023

This premium article provides a market update for RFID in 2023.
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31 Jul 2023


Arizon are one of the top UHF RFID tag suppliers. Arizon's Vice General Manager, George Guo, spoke with IDTechEx about the company's recent RFID activities.
27 Jul 2023

Arizon RFID Technology Co., Ltd.

Arizon is one of the top UHF RFID tag suppliers. Arizon's Vice General Manager, George Guo, spoke with IDTechEx about the company's recent RFID activities.
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21 Jul 2023


Adetex.ID is an early-stage UK company developing e-textiles. This includes RFID Threads®, which have a slim 1D form factor and can be woven into garments. IDTechEx caught up with founder and CEO Dr Anura Rathnayake to find out more.
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23 Jun 2023


SML is a leading supplier of UHF RFID tags, as well as a provider of RFID solutions. Recently, IDTechEx conducted an interview with Dean Frew, who is the CTO and Senior Vice President of the RFID Solutions for SML Group. During the interview, Frew discussed the company's RFID business performance in 2022 and shared his insights on the future prospects of the industry.
22 Jun 2023

Hardware Innovations to Enable Sustainable Smart Packaging

Walk around the aisles of a local shop: aside from the prices, little has changed since the introduction of the bar code in the 1970s. While customers have smartphones in their pockets and there are sophisticated inventory management systems in the background, the digital revolution has yet to alter the packaging of most consumer items.
21 Jun 2023


Beontag is a multinational company that provides IoT/RFID solutions and graphic and label materials. IDTechEx spoke with Mr Marcio Muniz, Beontag's Digital Transformation Vice President, about Beontag's RFID business, in 2023.
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12 Jun 2023

Upcoming Webinar on Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces

Wednesday 28 June - Where Metamaterials Meet Tele-Communications. What is a reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS), and why are they likely to be needed for high frequency telecommunications.; The different types of RIS (passive, semi-passive, active) and where they are likely to be deployed; Manufacturing processes and materials required for RIS production.
9 Jun 2023

Did Walmart's RFID Mandate Successfully Drive RFID Adoption in Retail?

In 2022, Walmart made a momentous announcement that sent ripples through the RFID industry. As the world's leading retailer, Walmart revealed its ambitious plan to expand the utilization of RFID technology beyond retail apparel and encompass other critical retail departments.
8 Jun 2023

Comparing Extended Reality (XR) Headset OEMs

Innovation roadmap for XR headsets.
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2 Jun 2023

Comparison of Thermal Interface Material Formats

Innovation roadmap for thermal interface material formats.
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26 May 2023


Bluebird serves businesses with various computer mobile infrastructure solutions for their enterprise internet of things (IoT) needs, and has a global customer base of over 3,000 companies from 120 countries. This particular profile will center on Bluebird's line of RFID readers. IDTechEx spoke with Hellen Yi, General Manager, GB Headquarters Planning and Marketing Group from Bluebird to discuss its RFID reader business.
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22 May 2023

Component Attach: Market readiness of solders & conductive adhesives

An innovation roadmap comparing component attachment size for sustainable electronics manufacturing.
19 May 2023

How Can Smart Packaging Best Add Value?

What is packaging for? From its initial purpose of simply protecting the product to driving sales via consumer engagement, the role of packaging has substantially evolved. Smart/intelligent packaging continues this trend towards greater functionality, employing sensors, printed electronics, and wireless communication to add value in novel ways.
19 May 2023

Smart Packaging Industry Overview

Innovation roadmap for the smart packaging industry.
15 May 2023

Advanced Semiconductor Packaging: Trends and Growth Drivers

Advanced semiconductor packaging technologies are crucial due to the slowing of Moore's law and rising costs of monolithic Si IC development and manufacturing. Initially, components were individually packaged and integrated at the PCB board level, but as devices become smaller and require higher processing capabilities, component integration needs to be pushed beyond board level.
9 May 2023

Exploring the Growth and Market Breakdown of Passive RFID

The RFID industry is expected to maintain its growth trajectory, with IDTechEx forecasting a market value of US$14 billion in 2023, up from US$12.8 billion in 2022. This market value encompasses various RFID form factors, including labels, cards, fobs, and tags, as well as scanners, software, and services for both active and passive RFID technologies. Among these, the "Passive RFID Tags" segment stands out as the largest, comprising more than half of the total RFID market.
2 May 2023

The Metamaterials Landscape

Innovation roadmap for the metamaterials landscape.
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1 May 2023

Upcoming Webinar - Smart Packaging: Emerging Drivers and Technologies

Wednesday 17 May 2023 - Multiple smart packaging technologies, including embedded lighting, wireless energy harvesting, flexible batteries, and low-cost sensing; Case studies showing the deployment and adoption of different types of smart packaging, such as electronic blister packs for pharmaceuticals; A roadmap for the adoption of different smart packaging technologies, and assessment of technology gaps and other adoption barriers
19 Apr 2023

Examining the Use of PFAS as Low-Loss Materials for 5G Applications

Legislation restricting the usage of "forever chemicals", or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), is being debated in major markets like the European Union and the US.