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26 May 2022

Polymer 3D Printing Materials: Benchmarking

This premium article compares and contrasts the mechanical properties of commercially available polymer 3D printing materials, specifically focusing on photosensitive resins, thermoplastic filaments, and thermoplastic powders.
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25 May 2022

Photocentric launches Liquid Crystal Magna v.2

Photocentric has launched Liquid Crystal Magna v.2, a completely re-engineered LCD screen-based printer designed to take additive manufacturing to the next level. The LC Magna v.2 delivers significantly faster print speeds, boosts productivity rates and reduces waste.
23 May 2022

Intelligent Software for 3D Printing Optimises Properties of Plastic

In order to optimise the printing result for plastics, researchers have developed software that can adjust parameters such as temperature and printing speed during printing. Temperature differences between the individual layers in particular, which occur during production, can negatively affect the properties of the plastic.
20 May 2022

Optomec Announces Delivery of 600th Industrial Printer

Optomec announced another important milestone in its continued growth, with the delivery of its 600th industrial 3D printer. The company has now installed more than 250 of its proprietary LENS Systems for 3D Printed Metal and over 350 of its patented Aerosol Jet Systems, with the majority of its recent machines being used for high ROI production applications.
19 May 2022

3D Printing Materials — New Products and Developments in Q1 2022

This premium article delves into new products and developments in 3D printing materials in Q1 2022. It will also explore current partnerships and funding for additive manufacturing materials companies in Q1 2022.
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19 May 2022

Josef Prusa acquires US-Based Company Printed Solid, Inc

Printed Solid, based in Newark, Delaware, became Prusa Research's first official distribution partner for corporate customers, educational segments and government institutions in the US in early 2022.
18 May 2022

3D Printed Shape Memory Alloy with Superior Superelasticity

Laser powder bed fusion, a 3D-printing technique, offers potential in the manufacturing industry, particularly when fabricating nickel-titanium shape memory alloys with complex geometries. Although this manufacturing technique is attractive for applications in the biomedical and aerospace fields, it has rarely showcased the superelasticity required for specific applications using nickel-titanium shape memory alloys.
18 May 2022

Partnership to Qualify Metal Powders for Additive Manufacturing

6K Additive has announced that Morf3D are collaborating to qualify metal powders for additive manufacturing. Through this partnership, 6K Additive's metal powders will be approved for use by Morf3D's aerospace and defense application customers.
18 May 2022

DyeMansion Paves the Way for New Materials in Powder Bed 3D Printing

Flexible plastics such as Thermoplastic Polyurethane and Polypropylene are gaining relevance and offer a variety of new applications.
13 May 2022

MakerBot Subsidiary and Ultimaker to Form Desktop 3D Printing Entity

Stratasys Ltd subsidiary MakerBot has entered into a definitive business combination agreement with NPM Capital-backed Ultimaker to form a new entity.
13 May 2022

3D Systems & Airbus Defence and Space Create Novel RF Components

3D Systems has been selected by Airbus Defence and Space to produce critical components for its industry-first satellite innovation, OneSat.
12 May 2022

3D Printed, Self-Propelled, Endlessly Programmable Artificial Cilia

For years, scientists have been attempting to engineer tiny, artificial cilia for miniature robotic systems that can perform complex motions, including bending, twisting, and reversing. Building these smaller-than-a-human-hair microstructures typically requires multi-step fabrication processes and varying stimuli to create the complex movements, limiting their wide-scale applications.
10 May 2022

AI Powered 3D Printed Hydroelectric Dam to be Built in Tibet

Chinese scientists are planning to build a hydroelectric plant on the Yangqu dam, according to reports, using unmanned excavators and equipment controlled by artificial intelligence and using the same additive manufacturing process of 3D printing.
6 May 2022

Velo3D Qualifies Copper Alloy for Use in Sapphire Family of Printers

Velo3D Inc has qualified the copper-chromium-niobium alloy GRCop-42 for use in its Sapphire family of printers.
5 May 2022

The Rise of the Carbon Nanotube Battery

It is impossible to avoid headlines about the "graphene battery"; the concept of this Nobel Prize winning nanomaterial revolutionizing the energy storage market is naturally very enticing, but it is graphene's older sibling carbon nanotubes that have progressed beyond the hype and disillusionment phases of their commercial journey by finding a value-add high volume energy storage adoption.
5 May 2022

Recycled Glass Waste Replaces Sand in 3D Printing

Researchers have developed the capability to use recycled glass in 3D printing, opening doors to a more environmentally sustainable way of building and construction.
4 May 2022

Stratasys Introduces State of the Art 3D Printer for High End Fashion

Stratasys Ltd has announced the industry's first 3D printer designed specifically for printing direct-to-textile. The Stratasys J850™ TechStyle™ 3D printer, the company's newest PolyJet™ printer, is being launched to meet the unique needs of design and fashion manufacturers, which include 3D printing for high-end, premium textiles and clothing, bags and accessories and footwear.
3 May 2022

Metal Additive Manufacturing: Don't Tell Me, Show Me

Since 3D Systems commercialized stereolithography 30 years ago, 3D printer manufacturers who invented their own proprietary technology predominantly followed the same business strategy: selling their printers to customers. Until recently, it was the norm for established and rising 3D printing players, both in metal and polymer additive manufacturing, to follow the same path.
29 Apr 2022

Xerox Elem Partners with Rochester Institute of Technology in Metal AM

Xerox Elem Additive Solutions announced that the Rochester Institute of Technology recently purchased and installed a Xerox ElemX3D printer at their AMPrint Center in Henrietta, NY. RIT will utilize the printer in their collaborations with manufacturers for research and product development as they focus on next-generation metal 3D printing technologies.
29 Apr 2022

Replique Creates Network of Material Partners to Advance 3D Parts

Replique has announced the creation of a partner network of authorized materials vendors. The move represents an important step in the company's objective to make its 3D printing platform accessible to more OEMs and provide best-in-class and tailored materials to industrial customers.