The Evolution of EV Thermal Management and What's Beyond 2022?

Thermal management continues to be a key topic for electric vehicle (EV) design. Early trends in the market largely revolved around the adoption of active cooling for the battery pack, now this is the industry standard. However, batteries, motors, and power electronics in EVs continue to evolve with developments of cell-to-pack designs, directly oil-cooled motors, and silicon carbide power electronics being just a few of the key trends that will impact thermal management strategies across the key driveline components in an EV. As the thermal management market evolves, opportunities arise for materials companies, component suppliers, vehicle designers, and other players in the rapidly growing EV industry.
This webinar is based on content from IDTechEx's new report on "Thermal Management for Electric Vehicles 2023-2033". The webinar will cover various market drivers and trends in thermal management for batteries, motors, and power electronics. Focusing on recent developments in the market over the last 1-2 years.
This webinar will cover:
  • An overview of thermal management in an EV
  • Trends in battery thermal management: active cooling adoption and immersion
  • Emerging trends in battery design impacting thermal management: cell-to-pack, 800V, etc.
  • Fire protection material options
  • Electric motor thermal management trends: water-glycol, oil, and strategy
  • Power electronics package trends: wide bandgap, SiC, wire bonds, die attach, thermal interface materials
  • Power electronics cooling trends: direct, double-sided, water-glycol, direct oil cooling