Cement and Concrete Face the Perfect Storm

This webinar explains how the industry of cement, concrete and allied products is entering a perfect storm. Not like diesel vehicles being wiped out but more a confluence of a further industry shakeout into volume and niche players and everything changing. Expect electrification from dredging, quarrying, and processing and all the way to concrete erection on-site because it reduces costs, creates new earning streams, aids robotics, and helps to save the planet - we explain. Expect some markets and technologies to drop and some increase - learn which. See why this industry must reduce its large contribution to global warming or unwelcome regulations may damage it. Some of that is easy - such as erecting proven zero-emission site power and buying existing electric vehicle and processor models but some are difficult and a multi-pronged attack on this has begun - learn more.
The source is new IDTechEx analysis in its unique report, "Concrete and Cement Reinvented: Growing the Market, Decarbonising 2022-2042". The focus of this brand new report includes new earning streams from emerging formulations, processes, applications, 3D printing of large structures, electrification, sale of surplus power and energy storage, decarbonising and leveraging assets in new ways.