Sustainable Packaging: The Innovations and Players Pushing the Circular Economy Forward

Creating a circular economy is an essential sustainability target for governments, brands, suppliers, and the public. A key driver is the risks that plastic consumption, which is expected to double globally by 2050, poses to the environment; not only is plastic waste overflowing in landfills, but a significant portion is mismanaged and leaks into the environment.
Addressing plastic waste pollution requires solutions from every sector, but an especially important industry is the packaging sector, which utilizes about one-third of annual plastics production. Packaging, especially for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), utilizes high amounts of single-use plastics that quickly end up in waste streams. Therefore, sustainable packaging is a critical component needed to advance circularity.
IDTechEx's latest market report, "Sustainable Packaging Market 2023-2033", explores the sustainable materials, leading players, and technology trends driving the field and presents a forecast for the sustainable packaging market segmented into 21 different materials. However, what does sustainable packaging entail? Who are the players enabling sustainability in packaging? What does the technology landscape for sustainable packaging look like?
In this webinar, IDTechEx will endeavor to answer the main key questions surrounding this interesting field by highlighting the innovations pushing sustainable packaging and the circular economy forward. Attendees will:
  • Learn about key technologies and materials enabling sustainable packaging
  • Understand the activities of key FMCG companies, plastic recycling players, and startups in sustainable packaging
  • Hear IDTechEx's independent analysis on key drivers and challenges
  • Receive a market outlook on the growth of sustainable packaging