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28 Sep 2023

AI and the Road to Full Autonomy in Autonomous Vehicles

The road to fully autonomous vehicles is, by necessity, a long and winding one; systems that implement new technologies that increase the driving level of vehicles (driving levels being discussed further below) must be rigorously tested for safety and longevity before they can make it to vehicles that are bound for public streets.
27 Sep 2023

Growth Opportunities for Aerogels Outside the EV Market

2022 saw the aerogels market take a large leap forward with the success of electric vehicle (EV) batteries as an application. Historic growth has been steady for other applications, but with the growth fuelled by the EV market, there is the opportunity for several other applications to take advantage of the scaling production volume.
26 Sep 2023

How EMI Shielding is Enabling Compact Electronics

It is no secret that electronic devices are becoming increasingly compact, with greater functionality contained in smaller volumes. As such, increasing efforts are being made to mount integrated circuits (ICs) and other components such as antennas closer together, sometimes within the same semiconductor package.
26 Sep 2023

Join Our Upcoming Webinar on the PEM Fuel Cell Industry

Wednesday 4 October 2023 - Discuss the key components of a PEM fuel cell including their form and function within the fuel cell system; Provide information on emerging technological innovation for each of the major components, both in terms of materials and manufacturing; Outline key technology trends driven by external factors such as sustainability; Overview the PEM fuel cell market within the context of the broader fuel cell electric vehicle market
25 Sep 2023

Webinar - The Future of Automotive Displays: From Safety to Sci-Fi

Thursday 5 October 2023 - Introduction to automotive displays - how we got here; Display technologies - from incumbent technology to future display technologies; Display types - from how they are currently presented to how they will look; A holistic approach to displays - from the display technology to the key additional components that ensure the display's optimal performance
22 Sep 2023

Illuminer l'avenir : Les points quantiques remodèlent la technologie d'affichage

Le marché mondial des matériaux à base de points quantiques (QD) devrait atteindre 550 millions de dollars américains d'ici 2034. Toutefois, ce chiffre remarquable ne fait qu'effleurer la surface de l'ampleur potentielle que le marché des produits compatibles devrait atteindre, en particulier sur l'un des marchés d'application potentiels des QD : les écrans. IDTechEx a récemment publié son point de vue sur les marchés mondiaux des QD et les technologies habilitantes, avec plus de détails dans "{Matériaux Et Technologies À Points Quantiques 2024-2034 : Tendances, Marchés, Applications|}".
21 Sep 2023

Join Our Upcoming Webinar on Mobile Robotics in Logistics

Tuesday 10 October 2023 - Mobile Robotics in Logistics - Over 20-fold Revenue Increase in the Next Two Decades; An overview of mobile robots and a breakdown of different types of mobile robots used in logistics; Exploring the reasons behind the rapid growth of mobile robots in logistics and the benefits they offer to various industries; Discussion of the fundamental technologies and components that empower mobile robot systems; Analyzing the present state of the market, including noteworthy developments such as acquisitions and new product launches by industry leaders; Delving into the obstacles and regulatory considerations that mobile robots face, along with a timeline for addressing these challenges; Providing an overview of IDTechEx's independent forecast for the future of mobile robots in the logistics sector.
20 Sep 2023

Will LCDs be Replaced in VR?

In 2023, almost every VR device uses LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays) to replace the real world with digital content, but a shift might be underway in 2024. Apple's Vision Pro is set to be one of the earliest VR devices to use OLED-on-Si technology, also known as micro-OLED, in a move to shrink headsets down whilst offering extremely high-quality images.
20 Sep 2023

Upcoming Webinar - Evolution of Li-ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles

Thursday 28 September 2023 - Recent developments to Li-ion batteries for EVs; Trends in EV Li-ion chemistry; Li-ion pack technology developments; Innovation in battery management systems; EV markets beyond cars and trends in Li-ion batteries for different EV segments
19 Sep 2023

Webinar - The Trends & Innovations Reinvigorating White Biotechnology

Tuesday 3 October 2023 - Define the white biotechnology and its scope, versus other "colors" of biotechnology; Discuss several technology trends impacting white biotechnology; Highlight some of the biggest innovations taking place in white biotechnology; Analyze major market activity by leading and emerging players in white biotechnology; Present a 10-year market outlook for white biotechnology
19 Sep 2023

Electric Pickups: The Next Big EV Opportunity

Electrification in the US is at an earlier stage than other regions globally but has made huge progress over the last few years, with electric cars making up nearly 9% of new registrations in the first half of 2023. The pickup truck is a large portion of the US passenger vehicle market but is at an even earlier stage of electrification, with only approximately 5% of electric vehicles sold in the US in the first half of 2023 being pickup trucks.
18 Sep 2023

IDTechEx S'Interroge Sur Les Domaines Dans Lesquels L'électronique Hybride Flexible Apporte La Plus Grande Valeur Ajoutée

La fabrication numérique et/ou à haut débit peut-elle être appliquée aux cartes de circuits imprimés ? Est-il possible de produire des composants électroniques extensibles sans sacrifier les capacités de traitement ?