Printed, Flexible and Organic Electronics

Printed, Flexible and Organic Electronics

Printed Electronics, being thin film silicon or inorganic or organic semiconductors, can be used to form Thin Film Transistor Circuits (TFTCs), such as replacing the functionality of simple silicon chips. TFTCs also employ thin film conductors and dielectrics and the ultimate objective is to make many different components at the same time - such as displays, batteries, sensors, microphones etc using the same materials or at least the same deposition techniques thus saving cost and improving reliability. Some TFTCs will be capable of covering large areas to affordably form electronic billboards, smart shelves and so on. They will be lightweight, rugged and mechanically flexible. Often they will be made by rapid, high-volume reel-to-reel processing even forming a part of regular printing processes for graphics. These circuits will be cheap enough to permit electronics where envisaged silicon chips are always or almost always too expensive, where multiple components and needed, and where silicon is impracticle (e.g. not flexible, brittle, thick etc).
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Printed, Flexible and Organic Electronics
29 Mar 2023


Chasm produces carbon nanotubes, which are combined with either silver nanowires or metal mesh to produce 'hybrid' transparent conductors. At InnoLAE2023 it outlined the status of two promising applications for the automotive sector: transparent heaters and transparent antennas.
29 Mar 2023

Can Electronics Manufacturing Join the Digital Age?

Asked whether electronics is a 'digital technology', almost everyone would reply in the affirmative. However, while printed circuit boards (PCBs) enable digital technologies, the manufacturing processes used to produce them are still largely analog.
28 Mar 2023

Event Summary: Applications for Printed Electronics at LOPEC 2023

IDTechEx recently attended the LOPEC 2023 conference, which is Europe's largest printed electronics conference and is organized by the OE-A (Organic Electronics Association). This premium article discusses the applications for printed/flexible electronics exhibited at the event.
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27 Mar 2023

RFID Market Trends for 2023 and the Next Five Years

The RFID business continues to grow. The global RFID market is anticipated to continue to grow in 2023, with IDTechEx projecting a market value of US$14 billion in 2023, up from US$12.8 billion in 2022. This market value comprises of RFID labels, cards, fobs, and other form factors, as well as tags, scanners, and software/services for inactive and active RFID.
27 Mar 2023

Heraeus (EMI Shielding)

Heraeus produces a wide range of specialty materials, components, and equipment. This profile draws on a discussion at LOPEC 2023 and focuses on its EMI shielding solution, comprising both a conductive ink and deposition system.
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27 Mar 2023


CIONIC (Cionic, Inc.) are developing a wearable sleeve: 'The first bionic clothing for mobility impairment'. Tess Skyrme, Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, interviewed the CEO Jeremiah Robinson (alongside his PR manager Tim Smith).
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23 Mar 2023

GE Healthcare (Printed Electronics)

GE Healthcare presented the current status of its development work on printed electronics for health monitoring at InnoLAE 2023. This included prototype wearable sensors and discussion of the challenges facing commercial adoption.
20 Mar 2023

Transforming Everyday Life With Electronic Skin Patches

Electronic skin patches have made remarkable progress in the field of healthcare. These wearable electronic devices feature adhesive pads designed to be worn directly on the skin, enabling convenient and non-invasive monitoring of vital signs and biomarkers.
16 Mar 2023

RFID Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Dr Yu-Han Chang, Raghu Das and Dr Matthew Dyson
13 Mar 2023

Event Summary: InnoLAE 2023

IDTechEx recently attended the InnoLAE 2023 conference on February 23rd-24th 2023, which focuses on 'Innovations in Large Area Electronics'. This premium article reviews the most interesting/commercially relevant presentations and is divided into three sections: manufacturing, sensing, and applications.
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10 Mar 2023

Embedding Electronic Functionality: Is It Worthwhile?

Integrating multiple functionalities within a single entity promises simpler, more efficient devices without compromising capability. Smartphones are a great example, with maps, diaries, phones, cameras, games consoles, and more integrated into a single, compact device.
2 Mar 2023

Active Surfaces

IDTechEx attended the launch of a new accelerator called ACCEL (Advancing Climatetech and Clean Energy Leaders) in February 2023. This is organized by Greentown Labs and Browning the Green Space (BGS). They reported over 120 applicants and ended up with six participating start-ups. All of the start-ups are BIPOC-led. These start-ups are mostly operating around technology readiness level (TRL) 4. The six start-ups are Active Surfaces, DrinKicks, EarthBond, Florrent, Frakktal, and SpadXTech.
1 Mar 2023

Miniaturized Spectral Sensing: Making Lab Capabilities Affordable

Are you unsatisfied with the color reproduction of your smartphone camera? Would you like your phone or other household appliance to detect different materials or even assess the freshness of food? The emerging technology of miniaturized spectrometers and multispectral cameras holds the solution.
28 Feb 2023


CLAP is a Korean firm that produces polarizing optical films based on liquid crystals for OLED displays and organic TFT materials, utilizing IP originally developed by BASF. At CES 2023, CLAP introduced its OTFT-based sensors.
27 Feb 2023


ASCA produces flexible thin film organic photovoltaic modules, largely targeting building integrated/applied applications (BIPV/BAPV). At InnoLAE 2023, it outlined how using BIPV/BAPV to meet regulatory/planning requirements on new buildings substantially changes the business model compared to conventional PV. A wide range of ASCA's projects were also presented.
24 Feb 2023

New Way Air Bearings

New Way Air Bearings is an established company that produces air bearings that enable non-contact support and direction of both rigid and flexible substrates, along with other applications. IDTechEx caught up with founder and CTO Drew Devitt.
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24 Feb 2023

Opportunities for Thin Film and Flexible Photovoltaics

This presentation was given by IDTechEx Principal Technology Analyst Dr Matthew Dyson at innoLAE 2023.
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24 Feb 2023

Next Generation Sustainable Light-powered Electronic Shelf Labels

Today's fast-paced retail environment requires innovative digital solutions without compromising sustainability. Pricer, a leading supplier of shelf edge automation and communication solutions, will explore the possibilities of a new generation of advanced electronic shelf labels (ESL) making them self-powered through light in partnership with Swedish Epishine.
22 Feb 2023

In-Mold Electronics: The Future of Smart Surfaces?

Surfaces, be they in kitchen appliances, automotive interiors, medical devices, or even furniture, are becoming increasingly smart. Embedded lighting, touch sensitivity, heating, and even haptic feedback enables inanimate and often neglected surfaces into a design feature with seamlessly integrated user controls. But what is the best way to manufacture these smart surfaces?
22 Feb 2023

What Does 2023 Hold for Printed/Flexible Electronics?

With applications ranging from energy harvesting to sensing, and applicability to sectors being as varied as healthcare and automotive, printed/flexible electronics are set to change our expectations of what electronics can provide and where they can be utilized.