Electrification in Cars and Beyond: What's Happened and What to Expect

2023 has proven another momentous year for the electric vehicle (EV) market. 2022 saw electric car sales rise by 62% compared with 2021 and IDTechEx estimates that 2023 will see global sales rise by another 16%.
Whilst the electric car has become an everyday term that the general public are now aware of, there is still certainly large technological and market trends occurring in the automotive market. Beyond this, many other vehicle segments are seeing electrification take off, these include various vehicles on the road (vans, trucks, buses, 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, microcars...), but also off-road segments like construction vehicles and trains. It isn't just vehicles on land either, with marine sectors (boats & ships etc.) and aerial vehicles like air taxis (eVTOL) gaining increased interest and market traction. Each vehicle category is at a different stage of electrification and has its own technology and market demands depending on technical feasibility, consumer acceptance, government policy, and several other factors.
This webinar aims to give an update on electrification in several vehicle sectors and what can be expected for the next 10 years.
This webinar will include an overview of electrification progress and what to expect in the next 10 years for:
  • The automotive market - key technology trends and technology companies becoming involved in electric cars
  • Electric and fuel cell trucks
  • Air taxis (eVTOL)
  • An overview of electrification across vans, trucks, buses, 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, microcars, construction vehicles, trains, boats, and ships
The webinar will also cover the deployment of charging infrastructure and upcoming technologies.
This webinar shares some of the research from the IDTechEx electric vehicles market research portfolio.
Dr James Edmondson - Principal Technology Analyst at IDTechEx
Shazan Siddiqi - Senior Technology Analyst at IDTechEx