The Future of Automotive Displays: From Safety to Sci-Fi

The modern vehicle has evolved significantly since its conception in the late 1800. Both the interior and exterior of the automobile has developed at an exceptionally fast pace. The latest report by IDTechEx, "Automotive Displays 2024-2034: Technologies, Players, Opportunities" covers the latest advancements made to displays in modern vehicles, from technological innovations to new display designs.
LCDs, for instance, currently dominate the market, however, with the rise in OLEDs and the evolution of microLEDs, how long will this dominance last? What are the benefits of these display technologies?
Furthermore, with the rise in autonomous vehicles, the shift towards delivering passenger entertainment is accentuated, as well as passenger safety. How will this trend affect display designs in the future?
This latest IDTechEx report covers the main trends and opportunities in the automotive display industry and this webinar discusses some key points related to this topic. Key topics include:
  • Introduction to automotive displays - how we got here
  • Display technologies - from incumbent technology to future display technologies
  • Display types - from how they are currently presented to how they will look
  • A holistic approach to displays - from the display technology to the key additional components that ensure the display's optimal performance