Research Articles

03 Jul 2020

Thermal Interface Materials: Diverse, Essential, and Evolving

This article highlights some key material development trends. More specifically, approaches to increase the thermal conductivity (in W/mK) of TIMs are considered. This is an important trend because the IDTechEx assessment is that the market, in absolute terms, for high or ultrahigh thermal conductivity TIM materials, will inevitably rise.
02 Jul 2020

Emerging Photovoltaics: Materials Opportunity in New $38Bn Market

The new IDTechEx report, "Materials Opportunities in Emerging Photovoltaics 2020-2040", is based on interviews by multi-lingual, PhD level IDTechEx analysts across the world and 20 years tracking the research and applications. They predict $38 billion dollars in 2040 without colliding with the silicon-in-glass "power station" business. There will be many opportunities for premium pricing of its new specialist materials.
02 Jul 2020

Catheter Navigation: The Fastest Growing Sector of Robotic Surgery

IDTechEx reports that the robotic surgery market will reach over $12 billion by 2030. Within this industry catheter navigation is an emerging, but lesser known application, that is rapidly gaining traction. IDTechEx's findings are detailed in the recently published report "Innovations in Robotic Surgery 2020-2030: Technologies, Players & Markets".
01 Jul 2020

Li-ion Battery Recycling: A $5.9Billion market by 2030

IDTechEx CEO, Raghu Das & Technology Analysts, Dr Alex Holland & Dr Na Jiao, discuss Lithium-ion battery recycling and the current market.
01 Jul 2020

Smartwatches as a Medical Device? Progress and Outlook from IDTechEx

Last week, Apple announced the latest features that will be added to the Apple Watch in watchOS 7. Amongst the range of updates were a series of new health app features, including new "mobility metrics" such as low-range cardio fitness, walking speed, stair-descent speed, stair-ascent speed, six-minute walk distance, double support time, step length, and asymmetry.
30 Jun 2020

Conductive Inks: Finding the Right Segment in a Diverse $2.3B Market

The conductive ink market is diverse. This is shown in the schematic below, showing the commercialization status of diverse spectrum applications. This diversity is both a blessing and a curse.
29 Jun 2020

Join Our Upcoming Webinar on the Topic of Crop Biotechnology

In this webinar, Technology Analyst Dr Michael Dent will present an overview of IDTechEx's recent research into the crop biotechnology industry, focusing on the potential of genome editing to revolutionise the field.
26 Jun 2020

Battery Electric Buses: Beyond China

The bus market is at a crossroads. The pressing need for cities around the world to improve air quality, alongside commitments by many governments to address climate change, are powering plans to deliver zero on-road emission city bus fleet solutions. Over the next decade these efforts will see major cities increasingly refuse to purchase anything but zero-emission buses, as they deliver on promised zero-emission zones to protect the health of their citizens.
26 Jun 2020

Legacy Systems Are Limiting Thermal Management of Electric Vehicles

The drivetrain of an electric vehicle is, in theory, much simpler than a combustion vehicle. Despite this, many electric vehicle contain several different coolant fluids. Is this optimal or a remnant from legacy systems?
25 Jun 2020

Passenger Car Market: Outlook in light of COVID-19

IDTechEx CEO, Raghu Das & Technology Analyst, Luke Gear, discuss the passenger car market and the outlook in light of COVID-19.
24 Jun 2020

Sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G: Opportunities for Thermal Management Materials

The 5G market is expanding rapidly, with the first installations already being demonstrated. The increasing deployment of 5G will generate innovation and growth opportunities in thermal management.
23 Jun 2020

Is Cell Design Limiting Electric Vehicle Thermal Management?

Thermal management of batteries for electric vehicles is a crucial issue. It is important not only for safety and thermal runaway prevention, but also for the performance and longevity of the battery.