Energy Storage

Energy Storage
19 Jan 2022

1,000-Cycle Lithium-Sulfur Battery Could Quintuple EV Ranges

A new biologically inspired battery membrane has enabled a battery with five times the capacity of the industry-standard lithium ion design to run for the thousand-plus cycles needed to power an electric car.
19 Jan 2022

Giant lithium battery sales peak in 2030

Pumped storage hydro is responsible for more delayed electricity than any other technology. However, it is running out of potential sites and getting building permission and constructing such facilities can take ten years partly because the environmental damage is increasingly unacceptable and water is increasingly scarce.
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19 Jan 2022

GoodWe Steps Up Solar Footprint in the UK

Alongside its already-established inverters, GoodWe is bringing to the UK a new series of low and high wattage batteries in 2022 later this year, as well as new utility scale inverters.
17 Jan 2022

Veolia Announces First Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling Plant in UK

Veolia has announced its first electric vehicle battery recycling facility in the UK, which will have the capacity to process 20% of the UK's end of life electric vehicle batteries by 2024.
14 Jan 2022

Upcoming Webinar on Next Generation Batteries and Beyond Lithium

Thursday 20 January 2022 - What's Happening in Battery Technology? Recent commercial developments to advanced and non-lithium batteries, various next generation batteries and analysis of their relative strengths and weaknesses, and the potential markets for the range of technologies being developed.
14 Jan 2022

Rubber Material Holds Key to Long-Lasting, Safer EV Batteries

Researchers have found a promising alternative to conventional lithium-ion batteries made from a common material: rubber.
14 Jan 2022

Agreement to Develop Novel Lithium Battery Materials

Albemarle Corporation and 6K announced they have signed a joint development agreement to explore the use of 6K's patented UniMelt advanced, sustainable materials production platform to develop novel lithium battery materials through potentially disruptive manufacturing processes.
12 Jan 2022

Unique Models Adopted by Li-ion Battery Recycling Start-Ups

IDTechEx have identified a variety of business models adopted by recyclers. Some aim to optimize the transport and collection pathways, via Spoke and Hub or mobile solutions, while others look to license their technologies or sell recycling products.
12 Jan 2022

Ocean Battery Stores Renewable Energy on the Sea Bed

The Ocean Battery is an energy storage solution for offshore wind farms installed at the seabed at the source of power generation. It provides utilities storage capacity that is infinitly scalable to Giga Watt hours scale. It is efficient, has low maintenance costs and is designed with a sustainable planet in mind and enhances marine life.
11 Jan 2022

Six Future Mobility Trends from IDTechEx Research

The mobility sector continues to see a rapid pace of change, enabled by technological leaps in the underlying componentry and materials, but there is still a long way to go. In this article Luke Gear, Principal Analyst at IDTechEx, explores six key future mobility trends, drawing from IDTechEx Subscription research.
7 Jan 2022

Long Duration Energy Storage for China's Transition to Carbon Neutral

Sumitomo SHI FW has entered into a collaboration agreement with China's Shanghai Power Equipment Research Institute for evaluating the feasibility of long duration energy storage utilizing liquified air energy storage, CRYOBattery, technology.
6 Jan 2022

Engineering Next Generation Solar Powered Batteries

Secondary batteries, such as lithium ion batteries, need to be recharged once the stored energy is used up. In a bid to decrease our dependence on fossil fuels, scientists have been exploring sustainable ways to recharge secondary batteries.
5 Jan 2022

Competition in the Silicon Anode Market Set to Intensify

Commercial interest in silicon anodes and investments into start-up companies has continued through 2021 - IDTechEx estimates that $1.9B of funding has now made its way into silicon anode start-ups. Beyond investments, there has also been greater activity regarding companies beginning to license technologies, enter into supply relationships or commercialize technologies in early adopter markets, highlighting that the promise of silicon anode technology may soon be realized.
5 Jan 2022

Mercedes-Benz Taking Electric Range and Efficiency to a New Level

Range and efficiency are set to define the electric era. Exceptional range will make electric cars suitable for every journey and help to increase overall adoption. Reduced battery size and weight will improve efficiency and Mercedes-Benz engineers are working to take range and efficiency to a new level.
5 Jan 2022

Revitalizing Batteries by Bringing 'Dead' Lithium Back to Life

Researchers may have found a way to revitalize rechargeable lithium batteries, potentially boosting the range of electric vehicles and battery life in next-gen electronic devices.
30 Dec 2021

Nano Chocolates that Store Hydrogen

An innovative approach could turn nanoparticles into simple reservoirs for storing hydrogen. The highly volatile gas is considered a promising energy carrier for the future, which could provide climate-friendly fuels for airplanes, ships and lorries, for example, as well as allowing climate-friendly steel and cement production - depending on how the hydrogen gas is generated.
27 Dec 2021

Grid Connected Battery and Solar Farm for New Zealand

A grid-connected battery and solar farm are being planned north of Auckland to improve the stability of the national grid, reduce the chance of network outages and allow more electricity to flow north from South Island generators.
24 Dec 2021

World's Longest Flexible Fibre Battery

Researchers have developed a rechargeable lithium-ion battery in the form of an ultra-long fiber that could be woven into fabrics. The battery could enable a wide variety of wearable electronic devices, and might even be used to make 3D-printed batteries in virtually any shape.
23 Dec 2021

Promising Anode Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries

With the climate change concerns, an ever-increasing number of researchers are currently focusing on improving electric vehicles to make them a more attractive alternative to conventional gas cars. The battery improvement of EVs is a key issue to attract more drivers.
22 Dec 2021

Energy Storage Ship for Offshore Wind Farms

PowerX and Imabari Shipbuilding will jointly develop the first prototype of the Power Transfer Vessel, "Power ARK," by the end of 2025.