Energy Storage

Energy Storage
14 Oct 2021

Rethinking Smart Cities: Setbacks and How to Move Forward

Ideas have moved on from a smart city being a dystopian world of sensors everywhere and people control by artificial intelligence - smart cities are primarily about progressing to water, food, and power independence and minimal transport. How to make smart cities in both deserts and the sea must be figured out.
13 Oct 2021

Thermal Management in the Silicon Carbide Revolution

For electric vehicles (EVs), efficiency is the name of the game. In the past few years, we have started to see wide bandgap semiconductors such as silicon carbide (SiC) adopted in EV inverters to replace the typical silicon insulated-gate bipolar transistors (Si IGBTs).
12 Oct 2021

Stargate Hydrogen to Deliver Hydrogen Locomotives to Operail

Hydrogen solutions company OÜ Stargate Hydrogen has signed a letter of intent with AS Operail, the international rail company, to convert diesel-electric locomotives to zero-emission fuel cell electric locomotives.
12 Oct 2021

Brill Power Revolutionises Battery Performance

Brill Power has launched the first in a new class of 'intelligent' battery management systems that are set to revolutionise the performance of stationary energy storage systems to power the future of homes and businesses globally.
11 Oct 2021

Aspen Aerogels

Aspen Aerogels is the market leader in silica aerogel blankets, panels, and sheets. IDTechEx has written about the aerogel industry in depth with information on Aspen Aerogels.
11 Oct 2021

AllCell Technologies

AllCell Technologies is a longstanding company that specialise in phase change materials for lithium-ion batteries. A full profile of the company can be {seen here|}. IDTechEx spoke with the company to get an update at the Battery Show, USA, September 2021.
11 Oct 2021

Asahi Kasei

IDTechEx spoke with Asahi Kasei at the Battery Show in Novi, MI, in September 2021 about two of their products for battery pack applications: SunForce and Lastan.
11 Oct 2021

Decarbonizing Road Transport: A $160 Billion Role for Fuel Cells

Incorporating a fuel cell into an electric vehicle powertrain, generating electricity from hydrogen, offers a technology pathway that delivers the critical reduction in on-road exhaust emissions whilst overcoming the potential range and charging limitations of battery electric vehicles (BEV). IDTechEx's analysis in their new report, "Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles 2022-2042", forecasts the market value of on-road fuel cell vehicles will grow to $160 billion in 2042 at a CAGR of 23.9% over the 20-year forecast period.
11 Oct 2021

Silicon Anodes Muscle in on Battery Technology

Silicon is a staple of the digital revolution, shunting loads of signals on a device that's likely just inches from your eyes at this very moment. Now, that same plentiful, cheap material is becoming a serious candidate for a big role in the burgeoning battery business. It's especially attractive because it's able to hold 10 times as much energy in an important part of a battery, the anode, than widely used graphite.
11 Oct 2021

3D Printed, Personalised, Wireless Wearables That Never Need a Charge

Engineers have developed a type of wearable they call a "biosymbiotic device," which has several unprecedented benefits. Not only are the devices custom 3D-printed and based on body scans of wearers, but they can operate continuously using a combination of wireless power transfer and compact energy storage.
11 Oct 2021

Cadenza Innovation

IDTechEx interview Cadenza Innovation to discuss their approach to manufacturing cells that mitigate the risks of thermal runaway propagation in stationary energy storage.
Included are:
8 Oct 2021

Technology and Market Trends of Solid-State Batteries

Presentation by IDTechEx analyst Xiaoxi He
Included are:
8 Oct 2021

First Pilot Production Line for Solvent-in-Salt Electrolyte Production

SES Holdings Pte Ltd has established the world's first pilot production line capable of scaling up high-concentration, solvent-in-salt electrolyte production.
7 Oct 2021

Global regulation and policy update on lithium-ion battery recycling

Lithium-ion batteries are key to decarbonising many sectors of the economy, particularly transport through EVs. Recycling offers a solution to the environmental and economic concerns of Li-ion batteries, often associated with the raw material supply chain and mining sustainability.
Included are:
7 Oct 2021

Upcoming Webinar: Cement and Concrete Face the Perfect Storm

Wednesday 27 October 2021 - This webinar explains how the industry of cement, concrete and allied products is entering a perfect storm. Not like diesel vehicles being wiped out but more a confluence of a further industry shakeout into volume and niche players and everything changing.
6 Oct 2021

Li-ion battery recycling company updates 2021

Partnerships, investments and acquisitions
Included are:
6 Oct 2021

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles 2022-2042

IDTechEx Report: Dr David Wyatt and Luke Gear
5 Oct 2021

New Smart City Materials and Formats

Cities seek more independence and security with water, food, and 100% electrification.
4 Oct 2021

Massive Solar Plus Wind Morocco Project Source of Power for UK

The Xlinks Morocco-UK Power Project will be a new electricity generation facility entirely powered by solar and wind energy combined with a battery storage facility. Located in Morocco's renewable energy rich region of Guelmim Oued Noun, it will cover an approximate area of 1,500km2 and will be connected exclusively to Great Britain via 3,800km HVDC sub-sea cables.
1 Oct 2021

Concrete and Cement Reinvented: Growing the Market, Decarbonising 2022-2042

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop, Dr Hydra Rodrigues, Sona Dadhania and Dr Richard Collins