Client Introduction Service

We connect clients to companies that have a need for their products.

This IDTechEx service leverages our in-depth market insight and our contact base of over 300,000 global contacts to provide targeted and timely introductions.

Customer Introductions

Save time and money on your business development efforts with targeted introductions

Voice of Customer

IDTechEx interviews end-users to provide vital feedback and market input

Grow With Partners

IDTechEx identifies and introduces you to partners to speed up your time to market


IDTechEx will leverage its extensive contact database, knowledge of companies worldwide and our relationships with those in the industry to identify and initiate introductions with the most relevant contacts for you. Introductions can be made by email or through face to face meetings at IDTechEx events. We provide value through:


Our technical analysts track the market conditions, suppliers and end users.
Ongoing global research of emerging technologies with over 90 market reports
Completion of over 400 consulting projects
Detailed profiles of thousands of companies based on direct interviews

Global Network

We have meticulously built up our global network since 1999.
We have over 300,000 global contacts
We attend usually 80 events each year

Strong Visibility

We have strong visibility in the market for the technologies we cover.
We host events with a combined annual attendance of more than 5,000 people from 45 countries
Publish leading journals and opinion pieces
Lecture at the leading events globally
This service can be acquired as part of a subscription or as a separate bespoke service.
Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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