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25 Jan 2021

Making Masks Smarter and Safer Against COVID-19

A new tool for monitoring COVID-19 may one day be right under your nose. Researchers are developing a color-changing test strip that can be stuck on a mask and used to detect SARS-CoV-2 in a user's breath or saliva.
22 Jan 2021

Fungal Wearables and Devices: Biomaterials Pave The Way

Fungi are among the world's oldest and most tenacious organisms. They are now showing great promise to become one of the most useful materials for producing textiles, gadgets and other construction materials.
21 Jan 2021

Cuddle Vest with Printed Electronics can Give Hugs from a Distance

A year onwards, COVID-19 is still among us, and hitting us hard. As a result of this current pandemic, people are expected to keep a safe distance from each other. No more hugs from friends and family, no more slaps on the shoulder from colleagues. But when people are not allowed to get close physically, feelings of loneliness and insecurity can arise.
20 Jan 2021

Smart Mattress Cover for Real Time Patient Monitoring

The smart mattress-cover demonstrator features an array of several hundred flexible printed pressure sensors from InnovationLab integrated with health-monitoring software from Bitquadrat, which leverages machine learning /artificial intelligence and real-time data processing.
18 Jan 2021

Optomec Introduces New 3D Additive Electronics Printer

Optomec is announcing a breakthrough advanced electronics packaging solution to meet the perpetual demand for miniaturization of mobile and wearable products.
15 Jan 2021

Industrial Smart Safety Glasses Proof of Concept

Harvest Technology Group Limited has entered into an agreement with Iristick NV to commence proof of concept trials for integration of the Infinity Nodestream and Wearwolf technology into Iristick's industrial smart glasses.
14 Jan 2021

Novel Drug Free Therapeutic Wearable is on the Way

The 50 million Americans who suffer with chronic pain will soon have a drug-free alternative to provide relief. Today, Soovu Labs Inc moves out of stealth mode to announce the introduction of Soovu Wearable Pain Relief, a unique "therable" (wearable medical device and app) to treat chronic pain.
12 Jan 2021

Join the Upcoming Webinar - The Beginning of a New Era for Haptics

Tuesday 26 January 2021 - Competitive landscape amongst leading actuator manufacturers; comparison of various emerging technology options and their commercial potential; broader themes in haptic feedback and go-to-market approaches and a review from recent industry events (including CES 2021)
12 Jan 2021

AR/VR/MR: The Critical Technology of the Next Decade

By 2030, IDTechEx predicts the augmented, virtual, and mixed reality market to be over $30Bn. With COVID-19 limiting physical interaction, virtual communication and interaction will be the norm for many years to come.
12 Jan 2021

Wearable Related Webinars Available to Watch On-Demand Today

IDTechEx currently have a number of wearable related webinars available to watch on-demand. These include presentations on XR, wearables - the impact of COVID, and self-powered electronics.
11 Jan 2021

Breakthrough Manufacturing Process for Sensor for Smart Contact Lenses

Researchers report on how they have developed a breakthrough sensor system and manufacturing process. The global team of engineers reveal that the new contact lens sensor system contains a photodetector for receiving optical information, a temperature sensor for diagnosing potential corneal disease and a glucose sensor for directly monitoring the glucose levels in tear fluid.
8 Jan 2021

Pronat Medical

Pronat Medical offers product development and manufacturing services for electronic skin patches.
Included are:
7 Jan 2021

Smart Building Opportunities for Printed Sensors

The building of the future may have printed sensors built into the walls, floor, and ceiling to detect water leaks, air quality, usage patterns, and more.
7 Jan 2021

Novel Film Keeps us Dry and Cool

A team of researchers from has created a novel film that is very effective in evaporating sweat from our skin to keep us cool and comfortable when we exercise, and the moisture harvested from human sweat can be used to power wearable electronic devices such as watches, fitness trackers, and more.
6 Jan 2021

Smart Textile Alliance: New Initiative to Advance E-Textile Technology

Smart textiles is a fascinating industry area with a significant amount of potential. Developing at the fringes of the electronics/flexible electronics and textile industries over the last 20+ years, it has achieved significant progress towards important new commercial products for a variety of applications.
Included are:
6 Jan 2021

New IDTechEx Report Available to Order Today - Haptics 2021-2031

New report available from IDTechEx - "Haptics 2021-2031: Technologies, Market & Players". This in-depth report includes ERM motors, LRAs, piezoelectric ceramics and polymers, surface haptics, SMAs, electroactive polymers, kinaesthetic and contactless haptic feedback.
4 Jan 2021

Upcoming Webinar - Opportunities for Sensors in Wearables in 2021

Wednesday 20 January 2021 - Key themes covered include historic data and market forecasts relating to sensor adoption in wearable devices; innovation trends across different sensor types; roadmaps for new sensor adoption; and recent commercial highlights from industry events.
4 Jan 2021

Free Webinar: Infinite™ Material Solutions & Titan Robotics

Infinite Material Solutions and Titan Robotics are combined efforts to present a unique and insightful webinar. From extrusion techniques to material advancements—including new AquaSys® 180 water-soluble support—learn from two teams of industry thought leaders about how they're enabling faster, more cost-effective printing processes.
4 Jan 2021

Immersive Virtual Reality Boosts Spinal Cord Stimulation for Pain

For patients receiving spinal cord stimulation for chronic pain, integration with an immersive virtual reality system - allowing patients to see as well as feel the effects of electrical stimulation on a virtual image of their own body - can enhance the pain-relieving effectiveness of spinal cord stimulation.
4 Jan 2021

Toward Imperceptible Electronics That You Cannot See or Feel

Transparent electronics--such as head-up displays that allow pilots to read flight data while keeping their eyes ahead of them--improve safety and allow users to access data while in transit. For healthcare applications, the electronics need to not only be cheap and straightforward to fabricate, but also sufficiently flexible to conform to skin. Silver nanowire networks meet these criteria. However, current methods of development create random nanowire alignment that's insufficient for advanced applications.