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18 Jan 2021

Desktop Metal to buy EnvisionTEC for $300 Million

Desktop Metal Inc announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire EnvisionTEC for total consideration of $300 million, consisting of a combination of cash and newly issued Desktop Metal stock.
18 Jan 2021

Machine Learning Making Light Work of AM Aerospace Alloys

Machine learning technology will be used to make the additive manufacturing process of metallic alloys for aerospace cheaper and faster, encouraging production of lightweight, energy-efficient aircraft to support net zero targets for aviation.
18 Jan 2021

Optomec Introduces New 3D Additive Electronics Printer

Optomec is announcing a breakthrough advanced electronics packaging solution to meet the perpetual demand for miniaturization of mobile and wearable products.
15 Jan 2021

Healthy Sugar and 3D Printable Materials from Soy Hulls

Researchers are working to transform soy hulls left over from soybean processing into valuable food and industrial products. The United Soybean Board has awarded $350,000 to further develop methods for using soy hulls in modified fiber composites for 3D printing applications and produce the sugar substitute xylose as a value-added product.
13 Jan 2021

Versatile, Innovative Printing System Successfully Established

An innovative 2PP 3D-printing system that is capable of manufacturing across twelve orders of magnitude with exceptional speed has hit the market with great success, enabling fabrication of polymeric microparts from the nano to centimeter range.
12 Jan 2021

3D Printed Smart Gel Changes Shape When Exposed to Light

Inspired by the color-changing skin of cuttlefish, octopuses and squids, engineers have created a 3D printed smart gel that changes shape when exposed to light, becomes "artificial muscle" and may lead to new military camouflage, soft robotics and flexible displays.
11 Jan 2021

Finance for 3D Printed Solid State Batteries

The loan facility will be used to fund Blackstone's plans to mass-produce the next generation of 3D-printed solid-state batteries and for other investments. The batteries will be used in the auto industry and in many other applications.
8 Jan 2021

3D Printing Helps Create Guinness Record Breaking Diamond Ring

The process to design The Divine began in September 2018, and the design team ran through multiple iterations before deciding on the form of a flower.
7 Jan 2021

Novel Film Keeps us Dry and Cool

A team of researchers from has created a novel film that is very effective in evaporating sweat from our skin to keep us cool and comfortable when we exercise, and the moisture harvested from human sweat can be used to power wearable electronic devices such as watches, fitness trackers, and more.
6 Jan 2021

PV Nano Cell 5D Electronics of Things Complete Solution to Power IoT

This solution enables Electronics Everywhere and is digitally printing numerous electronics that power the Internet of Things. This newly introduced solution leverages the company's 3D printed electronics technology that uses conductive additive manufacturing with mass-production applications.
5 Jan 2021

3D Printing Related Webinars Available to Watch On-Demand Today

IDTechEx currently have a number of 3D Printing-related webinars available to watch on-demand. These include presentations on 3D electronics, metal additive manufacturing and the impact of COVID-19 on the 3D Printing Industry.
4 Jan 2021

Free Webinar: Infinite™ Material Solutions & Titan Robotics

Infinite Material Solutions and Titan Robotics are combined efforts to present a unique and insightful webinar. From extrusion techniques to material advancements—including new AquaSys® 180 water-soluble support—learn from two teams of industry thought leaders about how they're enabling faster, more cost-effective printing processes.
4 Jan 2021

Australia to Test 3D Printed Face Guards

By mid-2021, volunteers will be recruited for an accelerated clinical trial of two 'next generation' vaccines against COVID-19, developed by researchers at the University of Melbourne. Among the other proposals to be tested are the use of germicidal ultraviolet light to reduce infection rates in aged care facilities, and 3D-printed face masks to match facial shape and prevent leaks.
4 Jan 2021

Nano Dimension

In the last few months of 2020 Nano Dimension raised $340m in cash via 3 separate share issues, accompanied by a dramatic increase in valuation. In the youtube video below CEO and President Yoav Stern highlights Nano Dimensions Evolution and Strategy.
Included are:
31 Dec 2020

NERA: World's First Fully 3D Printed E-Bike

With additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping you can get from the first idea to a fully functioning motorcycle in just 12 weeks. NERA is fully 3D printed, only 15 parts.
30 Dec 2020

Powering up Stretchy Technology

A team of researchers has created stretchable energy-storage devices using a specialized printing technology, innovative materials and the centuries-old art of origami.
28 Dec 2020

3D Printing Used to Develop a new Instrument for Eye Imaging

OCT, or optical coherence tomography, produces slices of image data that can be stacked to produce a 3D representation of the tissue of interest. In the context of retinal imaging, it produces cross-sectional views of the retina that allow the ophthalmologist to readily visualize subsurface features of the retina that are much more difficult to visualize in two-dimensional en face, or top-down views.
25 Dec 2020

First 3D Printed House in the Middle East

The first 3D-printed fully-functional villa in the Middle East was built at the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park.
23 Dec 2020

Aprecia and Battelle Partner on 3D Printed Pharmaceuticals

Aprecia is partnering with Battelle to accelerate and expand its advanced capabilities in 3DP pharmaceutical manufacturing. The collaboration will be focused on advancing 3DP equipment from clinical supply through commercial scale, while increasing manufacturing throughput and efficiency at every level.
21 Dec 2020

Porsche Shows the Potential of Additive Manufacturing

Lighter, more rigid, more compact: Porsche has produced its first complete housing for an electric drive using 3D printing. The engine-gearbox unit produced using the additive laser fusion process passed all the quality and stress tests without any problems.