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Wearable Technology
6 Dec 2021

Self-Healing Materials Markets 2022-2042

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop, Dr Richard Collins and Dr Xiaoxi He
2 Dec 2021

Smart Bandage Detects Multiple Biomarkers for Onsite Would Monitoring

Wearable sensor can detect multiple chronic wound biomarkers to facilitate timely and personalised wound management.
30 Nov 2021

The Most Significant Advanced Materials News from 2021

With the pandemic still raging, supply chain disruptions, the chip shortage, climate catastrophes, and geopolitical turbulence, it is safe to say 2021 has not been smooth sailing. The materials and chemical sector provides the backbone of every industry and remains under pressure from all these challenges. In this article, IDTechEx highlights the key news from their independent perspective on this crucial industry.
30 Nov 2021

Lessons From a Decade in Wearables

Having covered this industry for the past decade, IDTechEx has developed an extensive database of historic and current market data. In this article IDTechEx will do something that is relatively unusual for a market research company to do: publicly compare old forecasts with what actually happened.
29 Nov 2021

Ultra-Thin 'Computer on the Bone' Monitors Bone Health

A team researchers has developed an ultra-thin wireless device that grows to the surface of bone and could someday help physicians monitor bone health and healing over long periods. The devices are called osseosurface electronics.
24 Nov 2021

Low-Cost Printing of Ultrafine Resolution RDL, and Passive Components

Nano Ops, Inc. is pleased to host its first webinar on December 2, 2021 @ 1:30 eastern since the launch of FLEX RD and FFx RD800, Fab-in-a-Tool series products. Nano OPS is the world's first manufacturer of purely additive manufacturing tools capable of printing nanoscale features, bringing a nanomanufacturing fab in your lab.
24 Nov 2021

Making the Metaverse: Hardware Hurdles, Discussed by IDTechEx

Are you fed up with Zoom? Do you want online interactions to feel more... interactive? The metaverse promises a step-change in how society communicates but, without the hardware technology, will ultimately remain a pipe dream.
24 Nov 2021

Wearable Device can Detect and Reverse Opioid Overdose

A research team has developed a wearable device to detect and reverse an opioid overdose. The device, worn on the stomach like an insulin pump, senses when a person stops breathing and moving, and injects naloxone, a lifesaving antidote that can restore respiration.
23 Nov 2021

Designing Portable & Wearable Medical Technology

Recent advances in medical technology, along with the expansion of 5G technology, have established a new standard for wearable medical devices. Medical professionals and patients alike expect the devices to be both highly effective and able to withstand daily usage. Meeting these criteria is critical to ensuring that a product is safe, usable and practical—and requires thoughtful design and highly reliable components.
23 Nov 2021

FDA Authorizes Virtual Reality System for Chronic Pain Reduction

The US Food and Drug Administration has authorized marketing of EaseVRx, a prescription-use immersive virtual reality system that uses cognitive behavioral therapy and other behavioral methods to help with pain reduction in patients 18 years of age and older with diagnosed chronic lower back pain.
23 Nov 2021

New Device Modulates Visible Light: Smallest Footprint, Lowest Power

Over the past several decades, researchers have moved from using electric currents to manipulating light waves in the near-infrared range for telecommunications applications such as high-speed 5G networks, biosensors on a chip, and driverless cars.
22 Nov 2021

Fabric Enables Digital Communication Between Wearers and Devices

Imagine your car starting the moment you get in because it recognizes the jacket you're wearing. Consider the value of a hospital gown that continuously measures and transmits a patient's vital signs. These are just two applications made possible by a new "body area network"-enabling fabric invented by engineers.
18 Nov 2021

Printed Electronics: Emerging Applications Accelerate Towards Adoption

2021 has been an exciting year for printed electronics, with multiple applications reaching commercial adoption and significant funds flowing into the sector. Even where technologies are not yet commercialized, companies are increasingly transitioning from developing their technology and producing speculative demonstration prototypes to development and qualification projects for specific customers.
18 Nov 2021

Event summary: DSCC AR/VR Display Forum November 2021

The DSCC AR/VR Display Forum was held online from November 3rd to November 4th 2021. The event focussed mainly on parts manufacturers for augmented, mixed and virtual reality devices, although one headset manufacturer presented. Most of the discussion was around various competing display technologies, but significant time was devoted to waveguides.
Included are:
18 Nov 2021

High Performance, Breathable Fabric to Power Small Electronics

The triboelectric effect is a phenomenon where a charge is generated on two dissimilar materials when the materials are moved apart after being in contact with each other. Triboelectric nanogenerators use this effect to convert mechanical motion into electrical energy. The compactness of TENGs allows them to be used as wearable devices that can harness the motion of the body to power electronics.
17 Nov 2021

A Persoanlised Exoskeleton for Real-World Walking

Researchers have developed a new approach in which robotic exosuit assistance can be calibrated to an individual and adapt to a variety of real-world walking tasks in a matter of seconds. The bioinspired system uses ultrasound measurements of muscle dynamics to develop a personalized and activity-specific assistance profile for users of the exosuit.
15 Nov 2021

Development of 3D Printed Smart Helmets for the Military

Researchers have received $1.3 million from the Office of Naval Research through the Defense Research University Instrumentation Program to create the world's first printable military "smart helmet" using industrial-grade 3D printers.
15 Nov 2021

A Flexible New System for Creating Soft Robotics

Researchers have invented bubble casting, a new way to make soft robots using "fancy balloons" that change shape in predictable ways when inflated with air.
15 Nov 2021

CyborGoats find their way into Norwegian villages

When grazing goats that are wearing this new technology hear a beep, it alerts them to stay within the invisible boundary of the grazing area. If they don't, a digital collar around their necks gives them a small electric shock.
11 Nov 2021

Algorithm Powered Bionic Clothing for People with Mobility Differences

Cionic, a company committed to improving the lives of people with mobility differences by helping them move more independently through bionic clothing, has conducted trials in the San Francisco Bay Area that resulted in an average improvement of 143% to foot drop across trial participants of Cionic's Neural Sleeve gait study.