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5G 市场 2023-2033:技术、趋势、预测、参与者

IDTechEx has been studying 5G-related topics for many years and we have just released our latest version of the 5G market research report "5G Market 2023-2033: Technology, Trends, Forecasts, Players". This report is built on IDTechEx expertise, covering the latest 5G development trend, key player analysis, and market outlook. Key aspects in this report include mmWave technologies trend, open radio access network (Open RAN) development, power management of 5G base stations, heterogeneous smart electromagnetic (EM) environment, detailed regional analysis of 5G status and future roadmap in 5 key regions: U.S., China, Japan, South Korea, Europe, and 5G applications (Industry 4.0, C-V2X, AR/VR, FWA etc) development status.

RFID 预测、参与者和机遇 2023-2033 

20 多年来,IDTechEx 一直在研究 RFID,我们刚刚发布了最新版本的 RFID 市场研究报告“RFID 预测、参与者和机遇 2023-2033”。此报告以我们的专业知识为基础,涵盖最新的 RFID 发展趋势、关键参与者分析和市场展望。此报告公正审视 RFID 技术、公司、使用案例研究和市场,为读者提供针对整个 RFID 领域的独特见解,包括其现状和未来的可能性。

6G 市场 2023-2043:技术、趋势、预测、参与者 

IDTechEx 多年来一直在研究通信技术,我们刚刚发布了最新版本的 6G 市场研究报告“6G 市场 2023-2043:技术、趋势、预测、参与者”。此报告以我们的专业知识为基础,涵盖最新的 6G 技术发展趋势、关键应用、参与者活动和市场展望。本报告的重点方面包括太赫兹技术趋势、太赫兹通信半导体、太赫兹相控阵天线模块、6G 无线电分析、低损耗材料、6G 封装趋势、可重构智能表面 (RIS)、超材料、非地面网络、集成传感和通信、6G 市场以及未来展望。

5G 和 6G 低损耗材料 2023-2033 

随着全球 5G 设备的持续部署,其已成为价值数十亿美元的产业。5G 网络最具革命性的方面依赖于高频 5G 技术,该技术将在本十年后期腾飞。毫米波 5G 设备将使用低损耗材料,以减少 PCB 和封装层面的传输损耗。这将推动 5G 的低损耗材料市场,到 2033 年,该市场的规模将超过 18 亿美元。

超材料市场 2023-2043:光学和射频 

此报告探讨光学和射频超材料的 8 种不同应用,包括可重构智能表面、超构透镜和雷达波束成型。它基于与超过 15 家公司的互动,概述关键技术,明确他们的准备度,并评估多种竞争制造方法的适用性。按频率和应用细分的 33 条预测线阐明了超材料市场在未来 20 年将如何发展。

5G 热管理 2022-2032 

5G deployment is in full swing with continued deployment of infrastructure and 5G compatible devices. However, there are still many challenges to address with many material level challenges around thermal management. This report considers the evolution of 5G antenna design and components to analyse trends in semiconductor technology, the associated die attach materials, power supplies and thermal interface materials. Current and emerging technologies are described along with forecasts across these categories through to 2032.

智能城市材料、系统、市场 2022-2042 

This 336 page report on smart city business opportunities explains why they now graduate from trivial to heroic. Infograms interpret pollution, desertification, sea level rise, appropriate action such as food, water, energy independence, resilience, conservation, zero-emission materials and electrification. Understand required smart multifunctional materials, infrastructure, ultra-high-performance concretes, VTOL air taxis, robot shuttles, dispersed electricity production/storage, indoor food production, ICT, IOT, 6G, sensors, 25 new roadmaps forecasts 2022-2042.

5G 小基站 2021-2031:技术、市场、预测 

5G, with its ultra-low latency and high data throughput, is paving the way for a fully digitalized and connected world. However, the fact that 5G uses high frequencies brings the challenge of short signal propagation. Consequently, deploying many small cells to create an ultra-dense network becomes essential. IDTechEx has been studying 5G-related topics for many years and this report "5G small cells 2021-2031: Technologies, Markets, Forecasts" is built on our expertise, covering the main technologies, players, and markets for the 5G small cell industry. Moreover, IDTechEx also provides a series of detailed case studies on selected high potential verticals where 5G small cells can be applied to.

水和废水处理行业传感器 2020-2030 

Digital Water 2020-2030 covers the sensor market in water and wastewater treatment and pipe network markets. This comprehensive overview of the different sensor types, companies, strategies and use cases can provide insightful solutions to the digital water industry. This information is then used to forecast the market growth over the coming decade up to 2030, where it is expected to grow to over $2Bn.

基于语音、对话的用户界面 2019-2029:技术、参与者、市场 

此报告强调了在新兴设备和各种应用中部署基于语音的用户界面的趋势,介绍了有语音功能的智能扬声器、麦克风阵列、MEMS 扬声器、语音 SoC、语音识别、自然语言理解和语音合成等硬件和软件技术。这些技术可能会影响非常多的应用,例如汽车、医疗、家庭自动化和教育等。语音用户界面为新的商业模式和收入渠道铺平了道路,有可能改变我们的生活方式。2029 年,其市场价值将达到 155 亿美元。

低功耗广域网 2019-2029:全球预测、技术、应用 

低功耗广域网 (LPWAN) 以多种方式发展起来。一方面,市场上有尚未拿到牌照的低功耗通信技术,其中一些专有程度很高,且专注于特定的应用,而另一方面,大型电信企业已经通过低功耗技术扩大了他们的蜂窝网络。有许多类型可用,不同的政府和地区推行不同的类型。

RFID 传感器 2018 - 2028:预测、参与者、机遇 

在过去的几年里,随着成功的公开发行和 RFID 标签销售数量的快速增长,一般 RFID 市场出现了显著的增长。供应商现在正在积极探索与 RFID 传感器相关的前沿技术。这得益于专为传感功能提供支持的新芯片组。它将有助于降低 RFID 传感器的成本。此外,可用于读取 RFID 传感器标签的 RFID 读取器的网络基础不断扩大。此外,印刷传感器、柔性电池以及生物传感薄膜的新技术均满足了未曾满足的需求,并呈现出差异化。

热界面材料:技术、市场和预测 2023-2033 

此报告对电动车、数据中心、EMI 屏蔽、5G、ADAS 和消费类电子产品的热界面材料进行了深入的技术分析。还通过应用讲述了 10 年颗粒面积 (m2)、质量 (kg)、收益 (US$) 和 TIM 单价 (US$) 预测。此报告涵盖高性能 TIM 的最新发展、成功商业应用,以及过去的 TIM 参与者收购/合作。报告还明确了未来的 TIM 趋势。

虚拟、增强和混合现实 2023-2033:技术、参与者和市场 

Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality devices promise to revolutionize the way we interact, acting as key gateways to the metaverse. This report builds a picture of these technologies today, quantitively examining development trends to date and outlining both future directions and technical challenges. The changing role of computing and connectivity is discussed, with component technologies including optics, displays, sensing, and haptics analyzed.

激光雷达 2023-2033:技术、参与者、市场和预测 

The lidar market for automotive applications will grow to US$8.4 billion by 2033. The demand for lidars to be adopted in the automotive industry drives the huge investment and rapid progression of lidars, with the innovations in beam steering technologies, performance improvement, and cost reduction in lidar transceiver components. These efforts can enable lidars to be implemented in a wider application scenario beyond conventional usage and automobiles. IDTechEx leverages its experiences such as in laser physics, semiconductors, optics, sensors, optoelectronics, and transportation, to provide a comprehensive analysis on technologies and products. 10 year market forecasts on lidar units and market value with a focus on automotive have been provided. IDTechEx also tracks the development and activities of 95 global players, with unbiased research and appraisal.

先进半导体封装 2023-2033 

A new market research report from IDTechEx, "Advanced Semiconductor Packaging 2023-2033," has been published. This report covers the latest advanced semiconductor packaging technology development trends, key player analysis, and market outlook. In addition, this report delivers a profound analysis of the semiconductor industry in general. IDTechEx draws on its data center, autonomous vehicle, 5G, and consumer electronics expertise to offer the reader with an in-depth insight of how advanced semiconductor packaging is affecting these sectors and what their future may hold.

垂直农业 2022-2032 

This report covers the vertical farming industry, including the technologies and markets involved. We discuss key technologies, including automation and lighting systems, and identify how these could lead to the success of the industry. In-depth analysis of the challenges faced, including quantified considerations on crop limitations and running costs, are considered. Strategies and business models of key companies, including analysis of crop selection and pricing models, are considered and discussed.

印刷柔性传感器 2022-2032:技术、参与者、市场 

Printed sensors are a rapidly growing technology that offer low-cost processing, flexible thin-film form factor and large area sensing, making them suitable for emerging applications such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, continuous health monitoring and more. This market research report covers the technology and applications of printed photodetectors, piezoresistive and piezoelectric pressure sensors, strain sensors, temperature sensors, printed electrodes, biosensors, and capacitive touch sensors.

柔性、印刷和薄膜电池 2020-2030:技术、市场和参与者 

IDTechEx has tracked the technology, player and market development of flexible, thin film and printed batteries since 2014. This report provides detailed technological analysis, market status introduction, market assessment, opportunity and barrier discussion, player activity tracking, and gives 10-year market forecast by technology and application.

柔性混合电子元件 2020 - 2030:应用、挑战、创新和预测 

This IDTechEx Research report covers all aspects of Flexible Hybrid Electronics, including an assessment of the enabling technologies and challenges, over 30 prototype case studies, technology adoption roadmaps, and detailed market forecasts. FHE is set to disrupt the existing electronics landscape, finally realizing the vision of ubiquitous electronics and facilitating novel applications. The trends, forecasts and innovation opportunities outlined in this report provide a roadmap to this transition.

耳戴设备 2020-2030:技术、参与者和预测 


分子诊断学 2020-2030 

随着技术的发展(如第三代 DNA 测序、数字 PCR 和微流体器件),即时分子诊断市场的增长,以及具有可靠临床实用性的基因生物标记的不断发现,分子诊断成为了医疗保健行业中增长最快的市场之一。到 2030 年,分子诊断市场的规模预计将达到 200 亿美元。

智能包装 2020-2030 

这份 IDTechEx 研究报告涵盖了智能包装的机遇、快速消费品 (FMCG) 品牌针对智能包装的反馈、实现技术的评估、智能包装案例研究、主要参与者和电子智能包装预测。现行的包装技术选项和化学指标也一并进行审视。此研究分析针对全球范围展开,包括中国二维码兴起的评估,以及基于新型半导体和其他组件的最新电子智能标签,它们导致 4000 多亿美元的包装行业发生了翻天覆地的变化。此外还包括针对挑战的坦诚评价,以及从各种失败中汲取的教训。请在详细的研究报告中了解全局。



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