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Agricultural Robotics Market 2022-2032 

As agricultural labour becomes increasingly costly and scarce, something exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis, attention is increasingly turning towards robotics as a key component of agricultural production. This report from IDTechEx provides a technical and commercial analysis of the growing market for agricultural robotics, considering both the key application areas and enabling technologies underpinning the industry. The report also provides ten-year application-based and regional market forecasts for the future of the agricultural robotics industry.

Plant-Based Meat 2021-2031 

The plant-based meat market has grown rapidly in recent years, spurred on by growing awareness of the issues facing animal agriculture in the wake of COVID-19 and a significant increase in product quality. But can the industry fulfil its potential of disrupting the conventional meat industry? This report from IDTechEx provides a technical and industry evaluation of the plant-based meat market, including production processes, consumer factors, industry investments, and key players. The report also provides ten-year market forecasts for the future of the plant-based meat industry.

Cultured Meat 2021-2041: Technologies, Markets, Forecasts 

Cultured meat, otherwise known as cultivated meat or cell-based meat, is an emerging technology area that uses lab-grown animal cells to create meat products without requiring animal slaughter, potentially avoiding the environmental problems of conventional agriculture. Unlike many of today's meat alternatives, cultured meat has the potential to create a product that is completely identical to conventional meat, containing exactly the same cells and tissue. Over the last five years, cultured meat has grown from almost nothing to over 50 companies racing to bring the first products to market, with over $600 million having been invested in the space. This report provides an in-depth technology and market evaluation of the cultured meat industry, giving both 10 and 20-year forecasts for the future of the industry.

Biostimulants and Biopesticides 2021-2031: Technologies, Markets and Forecasts 

The markets for biostimulants and biopesticides are growing rapidly as global agriculture looks for sustainable ways to boost yields and new ways to protect crops. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the different types of biostimulants and biopesticides, alongside a synopsis of global regulations and an evaluation of the industry. This information is used to forecast the future of the markets up to 2031, with the combined market for biostimulants and biopesticides being forecast to reach $19.5 billion.

Genetic Engineering in Agriculture 2021-2031 

The introduction of technologies that manipulate the DNA of crops has not always run smoothly. Despite its potential power to improve crop yields and nutrition, genetic modification has remained controversial and is banned across much of the world. Could new gene-editing technologies like CRISPR-Cas9 break this deadlock and boost global agriculture? This report explores the future of crop biotechnology, providing technical, regulatory and market insight into what could be a revolutionary field.

Sensors in the Water and Wastewater Treatment Industries 2020-2030 

Digital Water 2020-2030 covers the sensor market in water and wastewater treatment and pipe network markets. This comprehensive overview of the different sensor types, companies, strategies and use cases can provide insightful solutions to the digital water industry. This information is then used to forecast the market growth over the coming decade up to 2030, where it is expected to grow to over $2Bn.



2020-2030 年农业电动车辆与自动驾驶车辆 

了解农业、林业、草坪护理所使用的混合动力汽车和纯电动汽车,及其零排放充电微电网。陆地交通车辆是重点探讨的对象,但也涉及到无人机和水产养殖业使用的电动车辆。深入了解需求、挑战、参与者、应用、策略和关键实现技术,包括自主性。该报告贯穿最新应用实例。参见 2020-2030 年详细预测,内容涉及技术和成就的未来时间线,及技术和成就的数量和价值。

Smart City Materials, Systems, Markets 2022-2042 

This 330 page report on smart city business opportunities explains why they now graduate from trivial to heroic. Infograms interpret pollution, desertification, sea level rise, appropriate action such as food, water, energy independence, resilience, conservation, zero-emission materials and electrification. Understand required smart multifunctional materials, infrastructure, ultra-high-performance concretes, VTOL air taxis, robot shuttles, dispersed electricity production/storage, indoor food production, ICT, IOT, 6G, sensors, 25 new roadmaps forecasts 2022-2042.

生物塑料 2020-2025: 



了解用于建筑、农业和矿业的混合动力汽车和纯电动汽车,及其充电微电网,其中陆地车辆机遇最大,优先发展。深入了解需求、挑战、参与者、应用、策略和关键实现技术,包括自主性。公司和车辆的诸多最新例子。2040 年市场规模庞大,将达到 2000 亿美元?参见 2020-2030 年 19 个类别的数量和价值、技术和成就时间表预测。没有其他报告能与之媲美。

合成生物学 2018 

此报告介绍了微生物遗传工程的工具和技术,以及生物制造的主要应用,提供了关于技术状况、应用、案例研究、市场增长、驱动因素、限制和投资趋势的分析。2017 年,合成生物学的投资达到了创纪录的 17 亿美元,预计 2023 年将达到 238 亿美元。



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