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激光雷达 2023-2033:技术、参与者、市场和预测 

The lidar market for automotive applications will grow to US$8.4 billion by 2033. The demand for lidars to be adopted in the automotive industry drives the huge investment and rapid progression of lidars, with the innovations in beam steering technologies, performance improvement, and cost reduction in lidar transceiver components. These efforts can enable lidars to be implemented in a wider application scenario beyond conventional usage and automobiles. IDTechEx leverages its experiences such as in laser physics, semiconductors, optics, sensors, optoelectronics, and transportation, to provide a comprehensive analysis on technologies and products. 10 year market forecasts on lidar units and market value with a focus on automotive have been provided. IDTechEx also tracks the development and activities of 95 global players, with unbiased research and appraisal.

新兴图像传感器技术 2021-2031:应用和市场 

The market for emerging image sensors technologies includes hybrid image sensors, event-based vision, large-area solution-processable photodetectors, flexible x-ray detectors, hyperspectral imaging and extended range silicon detectors, which should both reduce costs and enable adoption within new applications. The report outlines the emerging image sensor landscape, providing an extensive technical and commercial assessment along with market forecasts.

微型 LED 显示屏 2021-2031:技术、商业化、机会、市场和参与者 

This report provides a detailed technological analysis with available options and emerging possibilities across the whole manufacturing process, from epitaxy, chip manufacturing, mass transfer and assembly, bonding and interconnection, testing, defect management, repair, light management, full colour realization, to backplane and driving. With addressing the challenges and opportunities, together with the supply chain evaluation, market status assessment & prediction, and player activity analysis, it helps the readers to make better strategic decisions, to find the best technological road map, to seek commercialization and new business opportunities, to know reliable partners, to track the activities of key players, and to get the latest industry progress.

透明电子材料、市场 2021-2041 

Understand the $20 billion market emerging for transparent electronics as windows in buildings, greenhouses, trains. Include electric vehicle skylights making electricity and darkening at a touch. Consider smart watch glass, radar-enabled headlights, see-through billboards with OLED and micro LED images, "floating in space". Add conformal overlayers as invisible circuits, sensors, heaters, antennas. Metamaterials, 5G and 6G communications are involved and even new transparent photovoltaic overlayers boosting silicon grid power.

柔性及印刷 OLED 显示屏 2020-2030:预测、市场与技术 

此报告针对 OLED 显示屏的技术和市场提供了全面的评估。提供了针对八种市场应用的详细预测和历史数据 - 手机、平板电脑/计算机、电视、汽车、可穿戴、工业/专业、微型 OLED 和其他 - 根据基质(玻璃、硬质塑料和可折叠材料)分类,按领域、平均面板价格和市场价值进行剖析。报告涵盖全球范围的进展,尤其关注亚洲的活动。同时,IDTechEx 的技术分析师也利用针对柔性或印刷显示屏的路线图,对技术上的进展进行了评估。

激光二极管和直接二极管激光器 2019-2029:技术、市场和预测 

新兴的半导体激光技术将彻底改变工业材料加工和光学传感市场。IDTechEx 预测,到 2029 年,全球激光二极管和直接二极管激光器市场规模将达到 139.85 亿美元。值得注意的是,光学传感行业在此期间将增长一个数量级。汽车和电子工业将从激光制造、3D 传感和成像、激光雷达和工业机器视觉方面的进步中受益匪浅。

柔性和/或有机电子产品阻挡膜和薄膜封装 2019-2029 

自 2010 年本报告第一版发表以来,IDTechEx Research 一直在分析阻挡膜和薄膜封装的技术和市场。自那时起,IDTechEx 便通过采访计划以及企业和会议拜访密切关注最新的研究和市场发展。IDTechEx Research 每年都会更新评估结果,紧跟最新的技术和市场发展。

光纤激光器 2018 - 2028:技术、机遇、市场和预测 


智能玻璃和窗户 2018-2028:电子遮蔽和半透明光伏 

智能玻璃是一种电活性玻璃,主要用于汽车、建筑和航电窗户,10 年内需求将增长到 11 亿美元。它一般用于电子遮蔽,代替物理遮光,或供半透明光伏窗户局部发电。作为唯一一份涵盖技术和市场的全面报告,它将对价值链上的每一个环节均有所帮助,包括建筑和汽车设计师、销售商和用户。

OLED 照明机遇 2017-2027:预测、技术、参与者 

OLED 照明是一种新兴的固态照明技术。它可能有助于进入庞大且不断增长的全球照明市场。然而,与无机 LED 照明等现有产品相比,它面临着关键的差异化挑战。IDTechEx 评估了 OLED 技术在照明领域的技术和市场。我们发现,到 2019/2020 年,市场将缓慢起步,但到 2027 年将达到 25 亿美元。

可穿戴传感器 2023-2033 

Wearable sensors are fundamental to continuous monitoring of health, fitness, and wellness. As applications for wearable technology grow, there are increasing opportunities for sensors that detect parameters ranging from glucose levels to pressure and from motion to temperature. Based on a decade of market research on wearable technology hardware, this report analyses the technological and commercial landscape of this growing industry, both today and into the future.

虚拟、增强和混合现实 2023-2033:技术、参与者和市场 

Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality devices promise to revolutionize the way we interact, acting as key gateways to the metaverse. This report builds a picture of these technologies today, quantitively examining development trends to date and outlining both future directions and technical challenges. The changing role of computing and connectivity is discussed, with component technologies including optics, displays, sensing, and haptics analyzed.

薄膜和柔性光伏 2023-2033 

The future of solar technology extends far beyond silicon, with numerous alternative materials that belong to a certain class called 'thin film'. These can deliver several unique advantages such as higher efficiency indoor energy harvesting, simpler manufacturing, and potentially lower costs than conventional silicon PV. A particularly exciting opportunity is their role in powering Internet of Things devices - a rapidly growing market following the increasing smartification of home and retail electronics.

钙钛矿光伏 2023 - 2033 

Perovskite photovoltaics have already demonstrated remarkable efficiencies, with new applications enabled by their low cost, thin film architecture and tuneable absorption. This IDTechEx report explores the suitability and market opportunities of perovskite PV as well as the innovation opportunities and barriers to entry. It evaluates methods to resolve the main challenge of stability, as well as manufacturing methods and requirements for speciality materials.

虚拟、增强和混合现实光学 2022-2032:技术、参与者和市场 

Emerging optical technologies are the key to more compact, immersive, and energy efficient extended reality devices. In this report, these technologies, including reflective and diffractive waveguides, geometric phase lenses, pancake lenses and more, are analyzed in detail. Market and technology forecasts, company profiles, readiness level assessments, benchmarking and identification of major opportunities/challenges work together to illustrate the evolving status of the extended reality optics market.

透明导电薄膜和材料 2019-2029:预测、技术、参与者 


量子点材料和技术 2020-2030:趋势、市场、参与者 

自 2013 年以来,IDTechEx Research 一直在分析量子点技术和市场。自那时起,IDTechEx 便通过采访计划以及企业和会议拜访密切关注最新的研究和市场发展。



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