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协作机器人 2023-2043:技术、参与者和市场 

Thanks to the low capital barrier and increasing human-machine collaboration, collaborative robots (cobots) are becoming increasingly popular. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of significant applications by end industries (automotive manufacturing, food and beverage, electronics, and healthcare and hospitality), and tasks (picking and placing, palletizing, packaging, and others). The report covers critical technologies, market analysis, and 20-year granular market forecasts by region, end industry, and tasks. The report provides an understanding of the market dynamics, competitive landscape, market outlook, and promising applications.

激光雷达 2023-2033:技术、参与者、市场和预测 

The lidar market for automotive applications will grow to US$8.4 billion by 2033. The demand for lidars to be adopted in the automotive industry drives the huge investment and rapid progression of lidars, with the innovations in beam steering technologies, performance improvement, and cost reduction in lidar transceiver components. These efforts can enable lidars to be implemented in a wider application scenario beyond conventional usage and automobiles. IDTechEx leverages its experiences such as in laser physics, semiconductors, optics, sensors, optoelectronics, and transportation, to provide a comprehensive analysis on technologies and products. 10 year market forecasts on lidar units and market value with a focus on automotive have been provided. IDTechEx also tracks the development and activities of 95 global players, with unbiased research and appraisal.

重型自动驾驶车辆 2023-2043:卡车、公共汽车和机器人穿梭车 

IDTechEx has found significant activity in the autonomous heavy-duty commercial vehicle space, with hundreds of vehicles in various stages of trialling globally, and some companies on the precipice of fully unmanned commercial deployment. Each industry has unique strengths and challenges, this report explains them and gives market forecasts accordingly.

服务机器人 2022-2032:技术、参与者和市场 

Service robots are becoming increasingly popular. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the major application areas of service robots, including delivery and logistics robots, cleaning and disinfection robots, social robots, agricultural robots, kitchen and restaurant robots, and underwater robots. It covers key technologies, market analysis, and 10-year granular regional market forecasts. The report provides an understanding of the market dynamics, competitive landscape, market outlook, and promising applications.

物流、仓储和配送移动机器人 2022-2042 

Mobile robots can be an excellent solution to many issues in the logistics industry. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of major players, technologies, and markets, 20-year market forecasts, and abundant product examples of 14 different forms of mobile robots in logistics. It will help readers have a deeper understanding of the current market landscape, how the technologies are used, the technology trend, and the future market outlook.

农业机器人和无人机 2022-2032:技术、市场和参与者 

As agricultural labour becomes increasingly costly and scarce, something exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis, attention is increasingly turning towards robotics as a key component of agricultural production. This report from IDTechEx provides a technical and commercial analysis of the growing market for agricultural robotics, considering both the key application areas and enabling technologies underpinning the industry. The report also provides ten-year application-based and regional market forecasts for the future of the agricultural robotics industry.

汽车雷达 2022-2042 

IDTechEx estimates that today over 50% of new vehicles are shipped with radar, making it a key sensor. Start-ups such as Arbe, Metawave and Oculii are achieving new performance heights, while established suppliers such as Continental, Infineon and NXP are going through a key semiconductor transition. As high levels of autonomy and active safety become more common, IDTechEx's forecast show a radar market 10-year CAGR of 14%.

自动驾驶汽车、机器人出租车和传感器 2022-2042 

In recent years, vast improvements to autonomous vehicle technologies such as radar, lidar, HD cameras and software has propelled robotaxis to the cusp of market-readiness. Autonomous trials from Waymo, Cruise, and others are now evolving into autonomous services, with legislative barriers clearing. New IDTechEx forecasts reveal how these services will come to dominate within 20 years, creating massive opportunities for the underlying sensors market, which grows at over 30% CAGR.

无人机市场和产业 2021-2041 

In this new market research report on Drones, IDTechEx evaluates the key need-to-know areas to gain insight and understanding in this broad and innovative market. Drones can be used in many different situations from mapping, to agriculture, to delivery. The drones market is forecast to grow to over $22Bn by 2041; drones and their associated technologies are a key market for years to come.

机器人手术创新 2020-2030:技术、参与者和市场 


新型机器人和无人机 2018-2038:技术、预测、参与者 


先进驾驶辅助系统 (ADAS) 的热管理 2023-2033 

The automotive market is rapidly adopting autonomous features to aid in safety and driving convenience. This requires a suite of sensors (cameras, radars, and LiDARs) and computing platforms. These components are evolving and present thermal management challenges, leading to opportunities for thermal interface materials, die attach, radar radome materials, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding. This report provides a market analysis for thermal materials in ADAS with trends, players, and granular market forecasts.

量子计算 2023-2043 

量子计算预示着一场计算能力的革命。这份通俗易懂的报告评估该新兴行业的关键技术、公司、增长驱动因素和应用障碍。同时评估多种竞争性技术:超导、硅自旋、光子、俘获离子、中性原子、拓扑、钻石瑕疵和退火。报告针对每种模式提供详细的 SWOT 分析、公司路线图和基准化,以及 20 年市场预测,概述每种模式的前景。

机器人传感器 2023-2043:技术、市场和预测 

机器人作为一种具有自主性的机器,需要一套传感器。本报告全面概述了机器人的先进传感技术和新兴趋势。报告提供了不同传感器的年度销量和市场规模粒度预测,细分为 29 种不同机器人/应用和传感器类型,详细阐明了哪些传感器和机器人应用在未来 20 年增长最快。

RFID 预测、参与者和机遇 2023-2033 

20 多年来,IDTechEx 一直在研究 RFID,我们刚刚发布了最新版本的 RFID 市场研究报告“RFID 预测、参与者和机遇 2023-2033”。此报告以我们的专业知识为基础,涵盖最新的 RFID 发展趋势、关键参与者分析和市场展望。此报告公正审视 RFID 技术、公司、使用案例研究和市场,为读者提供针对整个 RFID 领域的独特见解,包括其现状和未来的可能性。

汽车半导体 2023-2033 

本报告探讨汽车半导体市场。涵盖电气化、ADAS 和自动驾驶技术的主要趋势,并讲述了它们如何影响半导体市场。

6G 市场 2023-2043:技术、趋势、预测、参与者 

IDTechEx 多年来一直在研究通信技术,我们刚刚发布了最新版本的 6G 市场研究报告“6G 市场 2023-2043:技术、趋势、预测、参与者”。此报告以我们的专业知识为基础,涵盖最新的 6G 技术发展趋势、关键应用、参与者活动和市场展望。本报告的重点方面包括太赫兹技术趋势、太赫兹通信半导体、太赫兹相控阵天线模块、6G 无线电分析、低损耗材料、6G 封装趋势、可重构智能表面 (RIS)、超材料、非地面网络、集成传感和通信、6G 市场以及未来展望。

材料信息学 2023-2033 

材料信息学通过从根本上加快从创新到市场的时间,代表了研发范式的转变。有多种策略法和众多显著的成功案例;错过这一转变将代价高昂。报告提供了对市场的重要见解,预测其增长至 2033 年。通过 24 个参与者的第一手技术访谈,读者将详细了解参与者、商业模式、技术和应用领域

5G 市场 2023-2033:技术、趋势、预测、参与者 

IDTechEx has been studying 5G-related topics for many years and we have just released our latest version of the 5G market research report "5G Market 2023-2033: Technology, Trends, Forecasts, Players". This report is built on IDTechEx expertise, covering the latest 5G development trend, key player analysis, and market outlook. Key aspects in this report include mmWave technologies trend, open radio access network (Open RAN) development, power management of 5G base stations, heterogeneous smart electromagnetic (EM) environment, detailed regional analysis of 5G status and future roadmap in 5 key regions: U.S., China, Japan, South Korea, Europe, and 5G applications (Industry 4.0, C-V2X, AR/VR, FWA etc) development status.

DNA 测序 2023-2033:技术、市场和预测 

This report covers the DNA sequencing industry, discussing the key technologies and markets involved. The report covers Sanger, Next-Generation (NGS), and nanopore sequencing, benchmarking these against each other on key metrics required by leading applications. The report includes in-depth analyses of DNA sequencing applications ranging from population genomics and companion diagnostics to forensics, identifying the requirements for each. Barriers of entry to the market and relevant challenges are analysed.

电动汽车 2023-2043 

Electric Cars 2023-2043 provides a deep dive into future automotive markets, with granular regional (US, China, Norway, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, RoW), and technology forecasts. Technology coverage includes battery-electric (BEV), hybrid (PHEV & HEV) and fuel cell (FCEV) cars; autonomous vehicles (L2, L3, L4); Li-ion batteries (NMC, NCA, LFP, silicon, solid-state); electric motors (PM, WRSM, ACIM, Axial-flux, In-wheel); power electronics (SiC, Si IGBT) and more.

触觉 2023-2033:技术、市场和参与者 

This report covers haptics from several different angles. It thoroughly introduces dominating haptic technologies such as ERMs and LRAs, and various emerging haptic options for the market. The prominent use cases like core device haptics, button haptics, surface haptics and more are also included. In addition, this report gives a granular market analysis with 75 profiled examples and forecasts by sectors, covering haptics in smartphones, wearables, gaming, VR, and automotive.

垂直农业 2022-2032 

This report covers the vertical farming industry, including the technologies and markets involved. We discuss key technologies, including automation and lighting systems, and identify how these could lead to the success of the industry. In-depth analysis of the challenges faced, including quantified considerations on crop limitations and running costs, are considered. Strategies and business models of key companies, including analysis of crop selection and pricing models, are considered and discussed.

采矿电气化:车辆、发电、再利用 2022-2042 

IDTechEx report, "Mining Electrification: Vehicles, Generation, Repurposing 2022-2042" is unique in looking at these poorly-covered aspects for 20 years ahead so you can see what is really happening. The commercially-oriented 310-page analysis reveals many surprises and gaps in the market.Based on years of investigation globally by multi-lingual, PhD-level IDTechEx analysts.

3D 打印复合材料 2021-2031:技术和市场分析 

3D printing of composite materials is reaching a commercial tipping point. 3D printing of polymer materials can have mechanical limitations that benefit from fiber reinforcement (or other functionalities), and composite manufacturing is known to be costly and challenging that can benefit from the moldless, rapid prototyping and automated approach that additive manufacturing enables. IDTechEx forecast that the market will rapidly rise to reach $2bn by 2031. This market report provides a comprehensive view for 3D printing market for composite materials, including granular 10-year forecasts, material and printer benchmarking studies and interview-based company profiles.

空中出租车:电动垂直起降飞机 2021-2041 

IDTechEx's "Air Taxis: Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircraft" report is designed to help companies understand the emerging urban air mobility market. Providing comprehensive analysis of eVTOL air taxis, from the basics of eVTOL aircraft design architectures, through to OEM players and opportunities in key enabling technologies. The report presents our TCO analysis of eVTOL operations and IDTechEx's independent 20-year forecasts for this transformative new market with considerable long-term potential.





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