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22 Sep 2023

STMicroelectronics and Augmented Reality

STMicroelectronics (ST) is a Swiss-headquartered large multinational semiconductor company. It develops and delivers semiconductor solutions across the spectrum of microelectronics applications. This profile focuses on its activities supporting AR (augmented reality) devices, particularly laser beam scanning (LBS) displays.
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20 Sep 2023

Will LCDs be Replaced in VR?

In 2023, almost every VR device uses LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays) to replace the real world with digital content, but a shift might be underway in 2024. Apple's Vision Pro is set to be one of the earliest VR devices to use OLED-on-Si technology, also known as micro-OLED, in a move to shrink headsets down whilst offering extremely high-quality images.
20 Sep 2023

Addoptics: 2023 Update

Addoptics is a Rotterdam-based company that uses 3D printed molds to produce prescription lenses that encapsulate both reflective and diffractive waveguides, improving aesthetics and usability. IDTechEx spoke to Addoptics about its ongoing pivot away from optics prototyping towards producing ophthalmic prescription lenses for AR glasses.
14 Sep 2023

Join Our Webinar - AI at the Edge: Evolving Homes & Factory Floors

Wednesday 27 September 2023 - AI capabilities, and why these matter; Market revenue forecasts for AI chips at the edge up to and including 2034; Analyses relating to multiple key industry verticals, such as consumer electronics and automotive; Discussion of trends within these industry verticals.
12 Sep 2023

Upcoming Webinar - Exploring the Future of XR Display Technology

Thursday 21 September 2023 - Seeing Is Believing: Exploring the Future of XR Display Technology - An introduction to how XR device types affect display requirements; Discussion of recent innovations in the XR display industry and their potential impacts on the future of XR devices; The bottlenecks and technology gaps holding back XR display development, with potential solutions identified; A roadmap for the development of the industry, with key player technologies highlighted
30 Aug 2023

Edge AI: The Wait is (Almost) Over

Since the introduction of Artificial Intelligence to the data center, AI has been loath to leave it. With large tracts of floorspace dedicated to servers comprising leading-edge chips that can handle the computational demands for training the latest in AI models, as well as inference via end-user connections to the cloud, data centers are the ideal environment for facilitating much of what AI has to offer.
30 Aug 2023

Wearable Quantum Sensors

The category of quantum sensors includes a range device types - including commercially available technologies and research phase projects. Amongst these sensor types, many are offering value as wearable quantum sensors. In this premium article IDTechEx highlights three examples of wearable quantum sensor technology applications, key players and case studies.
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29 Aug 2023

Global Market for Displays in AR and VR to Reach US$4.6B by 2034

Spatial computing promises to transform the way people interact with their devices as computing goes truly 3D, with early signs of change already underway. While Apple's upcoming Vision Pro is bringing new excitement to this space, gaming-focused VR (Virtual Reality) headsets from companies including Meta, Sony, and Pico have sold in the millions.
25 Aug 2023

Why Data Centers Adopt Cold Plates for Liquid Cooling Over Immersion

The increasing power density of data center racks, driven by technologies like cloud computing, generative AI, and crypto mining, has led to the exploration of liquid cooling as a thermal management solution.
25 Aug 2023

E-Textiles: Textile Heating

This premium article explores heated textiles, including applications, technological progression, product types, market players, and more.
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24 Aug 2023

The Edge AI Chip Landscape

Innovation roadmap for the edge AI landscape.
18 Aug 2023

Rhaeos Inc

Rhaeos Inc is developing a skin-patch for non-invasive fluid sensing, offering hydrocephalus patients an alternative to shunts. Tess Skyrme, Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, met with its CTO Dr Webb at Sensors Converge 2023.
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16 Aug 2023

Jabil (Flexible Hybrid Electronics)

Jabil is a global manufacturing solutions provider that has developed flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) solutions for a broad category of products. IDTechEx corresponded with Senior Engineering Services Manager Girish Wable to learn more about the latest developments, particularly those around prototypes targeting the healthcare market. Girish wanted to acknowledge the contributions of Jabil's global team members and its ecosystem partners that provide materials (inks, substrates, adhesives) and equipment suppliers that help enable these capabilities.
16 Aug 2023

AI Chips for Edge Applications 2024-2034: Artificial Intelligence at the Edge

IDTechEx Report:
15 Aug 2023

Benchmarking Display Technologies for AR, MR and VR

Innovation roadmap for the benchmarking of display technologies for augmented, mixed and virtual reality.
14 Aug 2023

Displays for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality 2024-2034

Forecasts taken from report 'Displays for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality 2024-2034: Forecasts, Technologies, Markets'.
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14 Aug 2023

Displays for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality 2024-2034: Forecasts, Technologies, Markets

IDTechEx Report: Sam Dale and Dr Xiaoxi He
1 Aug 2023


Tapecon is an established contract manufacturer leveraging its screen printing expertise to produce fully printed and flexible hybrid electronics circuits. IDTechEx caught up with Technical Program Leader Rafael Tudela at the FLEX 2023 conference.
21 Jul 2023


Adetex.ID is an early-stage UK company developing e-textiles. This includes RFID Threads®, which have a slim 1D form factor and can be woven into garments. IDTechEx caught up with founder and CEO Dr Anura Rathnayake to find out more.
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19 Jul 2023

Single-Phase Cooling: The Preferred Choice in Data Center

With the continuous increase in the thermal design power (TDP) of chips, traditional air-cooling methods are struggling to meet the cooling requirements of modern hyperscale data centers. As a result, liquid cooling has emerged as a promising solution due to the high specific heat capacity of liquids.