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23 Jun 2021

Join the Upcoming IDTechEx Webinar: Emerging Image Sensor Technologies

Wednesday 14 July 2021 - Emerging SWIR image sensor technologies, such as extend-range silicon; Hybrid photodetectors utilizing quantum dots or organic semiconductors; Thin film flexible photodetectors; Hyperspectral imaging; Event-based vision; Flexible x-ray image sensors.
22 Jun 2021

Bruisable Artificial Skin Could Help Prosthetics, Robots Sense Injury

When someone bumps their elbow against a wall, they not only feel pain but also might experience bruising. Robots and prosthetic limbs don't have these warning signs, which could lead to further injury. Now, researchers have developed an artificial skin that senses force through ionic signals and also changes color from yellow to a bruise-like purple, providing a visual cue that damage has occurred.
21 Jun 2021

Mayflower Autonomous Ship Begins Transatlantic Crossing Attempt

Ocean research non-profit ProMare and IBM have announced the Mayflower Autonomous Ship is now in international waters as it attempts to cross the Atlantic ocean and reach the United States.
18 Jun 2021

Distributed Propulsion Aircraft Come to Market

The term distributed propulsion (DP) primarily refers to a fundamentally new form of wing that combines aerodynamics with thrust and zero emissions, resulting in numerous benefits.
17 Jun 2021

Image Sensor Tech: Machine Vision Expansion Accelerates Adoption

Image sensing is an essential capability, utilized across multiple applications that range from webcams and smartphone cameras to autonomous vehicles and industrial inspection.
17 Jun 2021

First End to End BVLOS Drone Delivery Trials in India

Months of planning, risk assessments, air traffic control integration, training, equipment preparation, and coordination culminated with ANRA's flight team launching its first sortie on June 16, 2021. For the next several weeks, the flight team will conduct BVLOS food and medical package deliveries in the Etah and Rupnagar districts using ANRA SmartSkies technology.
16 Jun 2021

Prototype Robotic Device Picks and Trims Button Mushrooms

Researchers have developed a robotic mechanism for mushroom picking and trimming and demonstrated its effectiveness for the automated harvesting of button mushrooms.
15 Jun 2021

Ocean Drones Brave Hurricanes to Make Coastal Communities Safer

Saildrone is announcing a new mission to deploy five uncrewed surface vehicles from the US Virgin Islands in August to gather key data throughout the 2021 Tropical Atlantic hurricane season. The USVs will be equipped with specially designed "hurricane wings" to enable them to operate in extreme conditions.
14 Jun 2021

Studying Wombat Burrows with Remote Controlled WomBot

Wombats reside and sleep in burrows and occupy a different burrow every four to ten days. Parasitic mites that cause sarcoptic mange, a serious disease affecting wombats, are thought to be transmitted when wombats occupy each other's burrows but it has not been clear whether conditions within burrows promote this transmission.
11 Jun 2021

Upcoming Webinar: Robot Shuttles - Big Orders and Reinvention

Thursday 24 June 2021 - Why may it become almost the only form of transport allowed in city centres? What other technologies are being brought to bear and what is emerging as the best design to meet the requirements of city authorities as they seek empowerment of the disabled, no congestion, traffic accidents or emissions?
11 Jun 2021

Asia's Largest Smart Warehouse for Grocery Deliveries

Geek+ announces the successful launch of 100 autonomous mobile robots in the distribution center of Circle K Hong Kong. The deployment represents the commitment of Geek+ and Circle K Hong Kong to build supply chain resilience using technology and support customers with a wide selection of products and excellent services.
11 Jun 2021

Welcome Wyzo - First Sidebot for High-Speed Collaborative Automation

Wyzo - the world's first high-speed pick-and-place sidebot - is now available for companies making their first steps into automation, as well as for large manufacturers looking for unrivalled versatility.
11 Jun 2021

Emerging Image Sensor Technologies 2021-2031: Applications and Markets

IDTechEx Report: Dr Matthew Dyson
7 Jun 2021

Robotic Microplankton Sniffer Dog

The microscopic, free-floating algae called phytoplankton — and the tiny zooplankton that eat them — are notoriously difficult to count. Researchers need to know how a warming climate will affect them both. A new kind of smart, lightweight autonomous underwater vehicle can help.
4 Jun 2021

Bird-Like Robots Could Assist in Medical Emergencies, Hunt Down Drones

A bird flaps its wings, glides using air currents and then smoothly descends to perch on a pole. But this is not just any bird, it's a robot bird. And robots like these could in the next decade be used to respond to emergencies or to hunt down drones posing a threat to safety or security.
3 Jun 2021

The Powerhouse Future is Flexoelectric

Researchers have demonstrated "giant flexoelectricity" in soft elastomers that could improve robot movement range and make self-powered pacemakers a real possibility.
2 Jun 2021

Introducing 3D Printing Under Water

The project will allow for in-situ repairs of subsea components like flowlines and conductors, by use of additive manufacturing techniques - significantly extending the lifetime of the assets.
1 Jun 2021

Exoskeleton Therapy Improves Mobility, Cognition for People with MS

A team of multiple sclerosis experts led the first pilot randomized controlled trial of robotic-exoskeleton assisted exercise rehabilitation effects on mobility, cognition, and brain connectivity in people with substantial MS-related disability.
31 May 2021

Autonomous Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is 2-3 Years Away, For Real

"Autonomous cars will be here in 2 years" has been a standard sentence from the industry for the past 5 years or so. Now there is good reason to expect autonomous ride-hailing services to hit our roads within 3 years. So, what has happened in the last year in the world of autonomy to give this confidence boost?
28 May 2021

The Robot Smiled Back

Researchers use AI to teach robots to make appropriate reactive human facial expressions, an ability that could build trust between humans and their robotic co-workers and care-givers