Hybrid Electric Vehicles: A Short-Lived Opportunity?

Full hybrid electric vehicles (hybrids that have electric-only driving, but do not plug-in), have seen continued growth throughout the COVID-19 pandemic despite the hit the car market has taken overall. Hybrid electric vehicles help manufacturers reduce emissions and improve fuel economy compared to their purely ICE counterparts, but of course, not to the extent that battery electric vehicles do. With impending fossil fuel bans in various countries, is the opportunity for hybrid electric vehicles inherently limited to the next 10 years?
In this webinar, Technology Analyst, Dr James Edmondson will discuss the market for full hybrid electric vehicles and address various topics covered in the IDTechEx report: "Full Hybrid Electric Vehicle Markets 2021-2041".
This webinar will include:
  • Battery technologies
  • The main players in the industry
  • Key geographical markets
  • Competition from plug-in hybrids, 48V hybrids and battery electric vehicles